So Here's What I'm Thinkin' Now...

You people rock out loud. I don't go back and comment on the comments left on my blog -- the temptation would be to sit here all day and comment back and forth. If I don't live my life, what in heaven's name will I blog about? But I have been amazingly blessed by the encouragement and reaction to my public announcement of my God-dream. (To me, a God-dream is something that you believe God puts on your heart, and can only be accomplished with His might, power, skills, and energy -- not your own). I wished that each of you could know how it is to throw that out there and have folks cheer you on and ultimately say, "I believe in YOU -- keep it up!"

So here's what I'm thinkin'...

I have really been wanting to incorporate some guest bloggers into my yada yada line-up. Surely you weary of stories about hedgehogs and Sonic dashes. So I would love to have some of you 'guest blog' here and share your God-dreams with us. They could be crazy beyond crazy (they kind of have to be to know they actually are from God, you know?) or just a little nagging of "I really should..." Whatever it is, I would LOVE to hear from each of you if you would like to share your God-dream right on this very piece of blog-estate (as opposed to real-estate) and I would love for you to share it with my readers.

Here's how this will work. You are currently raising your hand and jumping in your computer chair as if you need Depends and shouting, "Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! Let me share my God-dream!!" Oh, yes you are ... admit it. You may let me know you would like to share on here by commenting OR emailing me at: sstirman [at] gmail [dot] com (evidently writing out your email address like so prevents the crazies from finding you...)

Either way, be sure I have your email address. I will then email you a brief set of questions for you to answer as briefly or detailed as you choose. We'll agree on a 'guest blog' date for you to be posted here -- if you have a blog, you can send your readers here for the day! But having your own blog isn't necessary. Just a God-dream. There will, of course, be buttons and banners and logos -- my church is rubbing off on me! And I will share all of that with you, my guest blogger, to tell your friends you are here that day!

Then comes the good part -- your guest blog will be posted, and we will all clap and cheer you mightily, if for no other reason than because you stepped out on that limb to share your God-dream. And then we will all watch in wonder to see how God fulfills that dream through you.

So... who's with me? Who is ready to share their God-dream with Cleft of the Rock readers?


Lisa Laree said...

What an incredibly generous offer!

But...whenever I even start to think about defining a 'God Dream', my eyes well and my throat lumps up and --oh, wait, I need a Kleenex.

So, I don't know if I've ever even really articulated it to myself. Is it possible to articulate it to others?

This is definitely something to reflect on, even if I never make it to 'guest blogger' status.

Thanks for the challenge to introspect!

Paula said...

OK, so what do you do when you have multiple dreams??? Could I possibly be addicted to dreaming? Or do I need to go to Dreamers Anonymous and maybe just start moving toward ONE of them?

Maybe one day I will be able to connect the plethora of dreams I have into one big, gigantic, beautiful dream. Until then, I will just try to figure out how they all relate!

I think I need a therapist!!:)

Roxanne said...

I'm here for ya. :)

Tucker said...

mmmm, This is interesting, and yes, I have a dream, but I am trying to do my Jonah impression...why do I read this blog????

Lisa Laree said...

I gulped and did it.

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