Get Outta Town!

Y'all are just too sweet. My readers evidently nominated me for Best Blog by a Female Blogger over at the first annual Theobloggers Christian Blog Awards. How nice is that?

I was GOING to come over here and say "vote now! vote often!" (I THINK you can actually only vote once, though) but then I went and saw that two of the sweetest people EVER share the ballot with me!

Dee, who is blog buddies with Denise and Tammy, and our own
Red Hot Momma, Amanda are also nominated for the award. (Amanda leaves no stone unturned about a godly marriage on her blog. Love it -- she's also been a 'Good Thing..' over here!)

So, vote your conscience over there. Winners will be announced at Tulsa Workshop on March 28.
Hey, I have an idea...! In the comments, tell me about one (only choose one -- Roxanne!) of your favorite blog posts of mine. Okay, I'll make it easier on Roxanne -- I'll go ahead and put the recent Valentine's one, the baked potato one, and maybe my 'What I've learned' (birthday) one on the list. I'll include links to some of those from your list over the next few days if any newcomers are 'scoping me out' trying to decide before voting. If nothing else, it will be FUN! :-)

Poor Riley -- his random fact of the week got upstaged by that news, but it is definitely worth sharing still.

So at lunch on Sunday, family is discussing a PRECIOUS friend we have that I recently learned was a stewardess for her pre-children career.

Riley: "Stewardesses is the longest word you can type on a keyboard using only your left hand."

"May I PLEASE use that for a random fact for the week?"

"Absolutely. It's TRUE!"

And so it is. I shall type it one more time just to prove it: stewardesses. See? You try it!


Roxanne said...

Hey! Hey! Some pep for your step!!!!! That is just(one of) the coolest thing(s) ever!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!

And thank you for submitting my favorite posts for me. You know me so well. Still laughing about the baked potatoes, you know.

dad said...

Yeah, the Valentine and the 39 things are two of my favorites.
However, your thoughts on MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, as well as your "Aroma of Christ" are also among your best work, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

My favorite post was about Stickers the Hedgehog and his "issues". Great Stuff!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...


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