Book Review: The Day After He Left for Iraq

I said in my post about what I've learned in life that a kid waving an American flag just makes me cry. Put that same kid at an airport to tell his/her daddy hello or good-bye as the soldier deals with war -- I can't even look. I'm so thankful for the soldiers that do a job I don't ever desire to do, and I'm especially thankful to the spouses left behind that try to maintain some sense of normalcy for their family.
The Day After He Left For Iraq is written by an army wife. At the time she writes about, her husband is deployed when her youngest is 4 weeks old, and her daughter is not quite two.
I'll be honest -- I didn't enjoy the book. I think simply because it was a raw look at how hard spouses work to make their lives seem normal. It was hard to hear about the difficulties of adjusting to life together again when he returned. It was just tough to read.

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Michelle said...

No way I could read it. My husband has been three times and my daughter ran away the third time. If I think about 9-11 for any length of time, I cry.

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