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I am delayed in getting around to doing this because I WANTED to have a fun button to use for my guest bloggers, but it's not working. So, I shan't be all perfectionist-y, we shall trudge forward without a logo or button for my guest blogger for today.

A few weeks ago (that's already been two weeks, can you believe it?) I went out on a limb here and shared my God-dream with you, you awesome COTR readers, you. And you, you awesome COTR readers, you were your awesome selves. So sweet and encouraging and supportive. And I want us to share the love! So the next day I suggested that we share some other God-dreams out there -- no dream too big or too small. Let's hear 'em!

Of course, faithful Dad was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. And since, if not for Dad, I wouldn't be around to have a God-dream, I find it only fitting for him to be my first guest-blogger to share his God-dream.

So, welcome Dad to COTR Guest-Blogger for the day:

So, tell The Cleft of the Rock readers a little about yourself: I'm a 64-year old Realtor, husband, father, grandfather, motorcycle enthusiast, sinner saved by Grace. I have been through some incredible health problems, my delivery from which assures me that God has big plans for me, and I pray every day for a glimpse of those plans.

How often do you stop by The Cleft of the Rock and what brings you by? At LEAST twice a day. I go there because of the content and quality of the writing, and of course because the blogger is my one and only daughter and I'm her biggest fan. But way beyond that, the frequent spiritual "lifts" I find there are truly valuable for a pilgrim like me that needs a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, "pick me up". Additionally, there are frequent links there for other writers I'm not aware of, and when Sarah finds them valuable, so do I.

Do you have a God-dream? Do you have more than one? Tell us about it(them): My main God-dream is to get a copy of "Hope in the Face of Cancer" into the hands of every newly-diagnosed patient I possibly can. God made entirely too many things come together for me to not know that's what I'm supposed to be doing - to use my cancer journey to assist others. Another God-dream is to be able to retire and devote myself to ministering full time to the members of my church. Due to the sour economy, that of course isn't coming together the way I expected it to, but God knows what he's doing so that it will come in its own time.

Are you currently doing anything toward this particular God-dream? I'm actively involved in getting the book out wherever and whenever I learn of someone who needs it. God has allowed me to be friends with the author, and she sells me the books at her cost.

What are some obstacles you see (or tell yourself) about your God-dream? I don't have any kind of network to be able to learn about who is newly diagnosed and therefore needs the book, so I have to rely on casual conversations. That naturally limits the amount of the blessing I can pass along.

What can other people do to encourage you in your God-dream? Just call me when a friend or relative is diagnosed with cancer. Or pass a copy along yourself. Pray for a cure, so that the author can cease selling the book!

Thanks, Dad, for sharing your God-dream with us. Your giving spirit is a blessing to us all.
If you would like to share your God-dream with us (Lisa Laree, you're up!) I'll email you an 'interview' for you to fill out!


Roxanne said...

Okay. . .so much like I just HAVE to love you, I also HAVE to love your Dad seeing as how he didn't murder me between the ages of 13-18. BUT, I just LOVE your dad. Mike, I love you. AND as Maxine so frequently said, "I LIKE you too."

dad said...

How cool is it to be a "published writer"? I'm humbled.
And Roxanne, my other daughter, I love you back.

Michelle said...

Perfectionist-y~Love it!

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