Good Things Out There

Gather the children 'round... They are REALLY going to want to hear this. Lysa always sums it up well.

I'm always proud of Roxanne, but this made me even prouder. While your children are gathered 'round, have them hug their teachers tomorrow.

Y'all, I am LOVING It's free, free, FREE and has many of the same photo-editing features expensive softwares have. Of course, you can pay for premium and do more, but it's just so much FUN!!! I took this photo of Ashley and me:

and did this to it:
How fun is that?

And if this just don't beat all!!! "I would like to thank the Academy... or Theobloggers..." That's a pretty heavy-hitting line-up right there, and I'm honored and amazed to be included in the Chrisitan Blogger Award winners. Just another way the Lord continues to smile on me while closing a few doors on my foot.

This video isn't as funny as I generally do, but it's great info to have about running form to avoid injury such as knee, hip, and shin splints. It makes a LOT of sense to me -- but it will take me a LOT of work to break my horrible habits!

If you would like to add your 'Good Thing' button to your blog, copy the code into an 'HTML' box on your sidebar:

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

Thank you.

And that pic of you and A. is PRECIOUS. . .LOVE IT. You're gonna have to give me a "picnic" primer.

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