Makin' Memories

Yesterday, as most Wednesdays, I spent the latter part of school hours at Riley's school doing volunteer work and we walked home from school together at 3. He really wanted to go to Sonic (Happy Hour! 2-4!) but there were a bajillion things that needed to happen in the next few minutes. We had to get his room squared away so the window guy could see what the problem is/was, I let the window guy in and had to go run middle school carpool. Got back, visited with window guy about the problem and when he would be back to fix it while Ashley answered my phone and took a message. Seriously, just your usual after-school goin's on.

Window guy left. I was a little hungry and walked to the kitchen to pull out some yogurt for a snack while Ashley was starting on her homework.

It hit me. Turned, and the clock read: 3:54. I called an audible: "Kids! Hurry! In the car! Let's go to Sonic!"

We looked like the 3 stooges. "Not the dog!" "Don't worry about shoes!" "Which door are we going out?" "Keys! Throw me the keys!"

We screeched into our new Sonic at 3:59, got some slushes for happy hour, and enjoyed our victory. Sometimes ya just gotta live on the edge... :-) Happy Thursday!


Kelly Sessions said...

This is why I cant wait to have a family of my own....tiny moments like this...that bring joy just by small things alone!! One day!

Also, have a good book to read: "Facing Your Giants" by Max mom got it for me, I'm sure you've read max lucado books, he's a little too "Adjective" crazy but it is a great book. Anyway, keep up the great stories..I love reading them!

Michelle said...

I was in the drive thru line Tuesday at 4:00, and they still gave me the Happy Hour price! I was happy!

Roxanne said...

Oh, we've done the Sonic RUN (literally) more than once. . .but it's SO worth it.

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