How Did You Get Here?

TIRED today! Yesterday Ashley had a tennis tournament and did quite well, but those things can kind of drag on... That puts dinner late, then bed even later. I LOVE the opportunity to sit outside in the sun -- even if it is on those horrific bleachers -- but it really takes it out of you. (Ashley to mom: "Why are YOU tired??? All you did was sit and suntan!!")

If you'll notice there's a number over on the right under my Coffee Group button that's around 78,000. That (obviously) tells me how many visitors I've had on my blog since I installed that (which I have NO idea when that was) and when I log into my account I can learn some general information about those visitors.

Most interesting to me is the 'referrals' page -- where people where when they clicked over to my blog. Sometimes that lets me know that someone has included me in their blog roll and I didn't know it. It also lets me know that leaving a comment on Mike Cope's blog increases blog traffic as much, if not more than, participating in an online 'party'. And it's way less trouble, 'cause sometimes Mike is talking guacamole.

Some of you click over from readers. Yes, I have heard from those of you that hate me for changing my feed to 200 characters. There is a reason OTHER THAN trying to irritate you. No, it's not to lose you as a blog reader, either. Hope you'll click over, hope you'll read.

I do get some interesting 'Google' searches, too. One is about a specific cult that I won't mention. No cults here, folks. Keep going. Some people are just too lazy to bookmark my blog so I get several 'Sarah Stirman blog' searches. As long as it works, we're good!

So, while I am DROWNING in writing deadlines, let me know how you get to my blog. How did you show up here? I'm just glad you're here!



I catch "The Cleft of the Rock" on my Bloglines reader and on Twitter. It's become a daily stop :)

Linda said...

Think I found you via JoAnn at first - now I "follow" you from my blogger dashboard...

when you post new, I come read.

it's been a joy.

(INTERESTING some of those google hits, huh? mine too...)

Paula Harrington said...

I heard about you from friends that went to Tulsa.

Roxanne said...

I met you in 1st grade, and you've pretty much been stuck with me ever since. . .

dad said...

I met you on September 17, 19** and you've pretty much been stuck with ME ever since.

Fast forward a few decades, and I find your address on my drop-down box showing browsing history. Since I go to your blog at least a couple times a day, it's usually right at or near the top.

And long after you're a published author, and my sight has gone dim and my teeth have fallen out, I'll remember how you called your big brother "Fevvie", and you had tea parties with Cheryl, and how you and the dog broke bones at the same time.

Lisa Laree said...

Through your link at Christian Women Online...I think... ;)

not-so-deep Denise said...

I've been her since the beginning! Not of time but Blog Time.

Anonymous said...

I "met" you through John Dobbs, Blog king. I think it was on one of his UStream chats. We all shared blog adddies. I now have you in my Google Reader and get to know about your new posts through facebook and twitter too!

Sharon said...

I don't remember, but I just luuuuuv everything you write!

Sarah said...

Yay! I'm so glad you all are here!

Trey -- I don't think I've ever put you in my reader since I catch you on Twitter (though I forget to get over to your running blog that INSPIRES me!)

Linda -- isn't it awesome how we happen across people in blog world?

Paula -- glad you're here!

Roxanne -- thank you for not saying how many years it's been since 1st grade

Dad -- thank you for not saying what '**' is!

Lisa Laree -- I don't remember, either. You've stuck around a while, though. THANKS!

Denise -- You're not THAT old! j/K! :-) glad you're here too -- and honestly didn't know you were still reading!

Wendy -- I love that I have an Aussie reader! Thanks for coming by!

Sharon -- you're always an awesome cheerleader! Thanks for being here!

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