Y'all, Stickers has Issues...

For the 8-ish months Stickers the hedgehog has lived in our home, her little cage set-up has been the same: igloo (for burrowing/ sleeping) to the left by her water, food bowl in the middle, and wheel to the right.

Ashley, being female, felt the need to 'rearrange' this week when we changed out Stickers' bedding. She didn't go too crazy, just switched the wheel and the igloo. Stickers couldn't do it. She either couldn't FIND her igloo or just couldn't bring herself to sleep there. So she ran in her wheel ALL day yesterday, taking intermittent naps NEXT to the wheel, like so:Keep in mind that hedgehogs are nocturnal and not supposed to do much of anything all day. Today, when she was still running and napping, I was afraid what sort of brouhaha would result from a sleep-deprived hedgehog and just moved her igloo and stuck it over her.
I would like to imagine that I am the only person on the planet that has a hedgehog with autistic tendencies. Bless.


dad said...

Just think - some people LOOK for things to write about! You, on the other hand, have a truly interesting life.

Roxanne said...

I can imagine that as completely adorable as Stickers is, her little brain inside of her little head could not fathom the moving of any furnishings or exercise equipment. . .HOWEVER, since her chest is much bigger than her head, I bet her heart is FULL of love for her savior who moved her house back to it's proper station.

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