I was nowhere NEAR New Hampshire!!

For the record, I don't THINK I have ever been to New Hampshire -- Scott Cody or David Mathews would have to let me know if we ventured through there on any mission trips from OCS. (I do vividly remember seeing David Jones sleep with his eyes open on that trip-- a very disturbing sight looking as if he were dead -- so I doubt he would remember)

Dad sent me an article a while back questioning my where-abouts when a plane flew into a Wal-Mart in New Hampshire. The pilot appeared to be severely hurt, so I pray that he has or will recover from this accident. The article mentions that he flew into the "eastern corner" of the Wal-Mart store. See? If Wal-Mart had simply chosen between the optometrist, bank, OR McDonald's instead of having all 3, the pilot just may have cleared the mammoth building!

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Roxanne said...

I remember you telling me about David sleeping with his eyes open. . .and "Yesterday."

I have not been to New Hampshire either, but I HAVE been to Connecticut. Imagine that.

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