I am SO over...

Age is hard on a body, no doubt. But great on a psyche, I've decided. Things I have realized I don't have to do anymore:

  • Cook a "special breakfast" on Sunday mornings. I know, you THINK I'm going to say that I do that every other day of the week so I gave it up on Sundays. Um, no. I do not cook breakfast unless I am making it for dinner. The "special breakfast" I'm referring to was usually something out of a box -- blueberry muffins, coffee cake, something we don't ordinarily have. I finally realized that if I throw a box of powdered sugar donuts on the table, I can still get dressed in a timely manner AND I am not tempted by those so I can walk away from them. And the kids are thrilled because it is the perfect combination of lard and sugar.
  • A month-long regimen of tanning my legs with self-tanner before "the spring reveal." Mainly, there is no spring reveal anymore. I spend all year working out in a gym in shorts so it's no great stretch for me to just take those legs right on outside once the weather is warm enough. They are approximately this color at that point, too. And I'm okay with that.
  • Invest time in friendships that are draining, shallow, or hurtful. I don't have enough time to invest in my quality friends as it is -- I'm sure not going to spend my valuable time deepening relationships that don't help me get through life.
  • Acting as if I never have an "off-day." Again, life is too short. And, when you do have an off-day, it requires entirely too much energy to pile feigning cheeriness on top of the restraint to not shout at everyone you see.
What are you over?


Linda said...

you must be nearing a "milestone" birthday (ducking for cover!)

Seriously, it's very "Freeing" to let go of some of the "rules" that do nothing but cause life to be more difficult!


Susan said...

Apparently I'm over the white legs thing, too. I wore a skirt today with my white legs and no hose. (Of course, no compliments came my way, but...)

I had a "friend" who used to call me "fish belly white." With a friend like that, who could afford to have enemies?

Anonymous said...

So, so true!!!

Rob said...

I am so over . . .

the need to impress

swimming suit fear--now I just put on one, thankful that I am now officially too old to be noticed.


I'm trying to get over fear--not be controlled in any way by it


Sharon said...

You don't have room enough here for what I'm over! However, I just love reading this; it reminds me so much of my grandmother, who I adored.

It never entered her mind to give one thought to what anyone else thought; she was much too busy doing a million things - for someone else, to make their lives better - with her garden fresh veggies and fruit, with her freshly baked goodies - oh! her favorite ingredients were lard and sugar! mmmm!

That's just a couple of examples. I loved her more than anything, unless it was Grandpa - the two greatest people in the world, married to each other - for 73 years.

I wanted so much to be like them. But I'm not - only a smattering - G'pa's sense of humor (which eventually irritated G'ma), and G'ma's love for children and animals. And a happy marriage.

But reading this helped me to decide: I'm going to be less concerned about "whatever," and just enjoy life while it's still available! And not worry about how short I fall in comparison to them, and just enjoy being who I am.

SuperMom said...

Amen, Sistah! I would never go back to being 25 again! I even go out in public without makeup now. Scary, but true.

jerriann said...

I am so thankful for your thoughts you left for me. Thank you.

I love your site and I am excited to know that you and your friends speak at conferences. Hello.

Maybe we should talk sometime.

Kaye - SandwichINK - God is faithful. said...

Hi, came to visit for the blog party. Really enjoyed the visit. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and was intrigued by it as I have heard "The Coffee Group" in person before.

I too, am over the white leg thing - that's just funny. When you get as old as I am you realize that I am not going to be a bronze babe of any kind. I just accept that this is what the Lord has blessed me with.

On Friendship, I understand where you are coming from about those types of friends who are "draining" on you. But don't you think, that just maybe, they are the ones who need you the most? We must never write those people off, it could be a missed opportunity to share the love of Jesus when that type of person so desparately needs it.

Keep up the great work with "The Coffee Group"

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