Good Things Out There

I will let you know that this time last week I was in a BLACK mood. And while my life situation has changed... not one iota, and many of the 'irritants' of a week ago are still here, God has given me little droplets of blessing that I just needed. One is Coffee Group being featured on author Nicole Johnson's Fresh Brewed website!! That is a really happy thing for Coffee Group! We are really praying that God opens doors with this feature. Coffee Group is ready to continue our task of telling His story to women! Since we were sprucing up for company, we made some changes to our website. If you haven't checked it out lately, you need to!!

Another happy in my week was being nominated as one of the Best Blogs by a Female Blogger by the group at Theobloggers. If you still need to vote, go here. Voting ends tomorrow!

And, if you would still like to see a favorite post, here is:

Baked Potato? and

Memories of Poppa Max
Okay, the whole 'voting' theme means I CANNOT pass up an opportunity to repeat a video here. Sometimes I watch him just because... Absolute doodle bug. Enjoy my good friend, Truett.

Theobloggers voting ends tomorrow, though, so don't wait until November! :-)

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