Interesting Fact for the Week

I've been VERY busy working on a project I will show you later in the week. I will give you a hint, though:

I have not painted, re-carpted, re-tiled, or installed anything. Nor have I mopped, dusted, washed, or de-cluttered anything. So, my house is a WRECK!

And I almost didn't get a blog in today. So, I have decided that Riley is going to help me blog one random fact a week.

For today, you get one that Riley delivered to us when I instructed him to go get a broom last week.

Riley returns and says:

"Did you know that the world's largest broom was broken down into 1,440 regular size brooms?"

I did not know that. Now I do, and so do you.

1 comment:

dad said...

That boy's a keeper.

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