I'm A Little Bit Country...

I'm not what anyone would consider a music connoisseur, by any stretch of the imagination. I like some stuff, I don't like other stuff, and I can't really tell you what I do and don't like in generalities. You're always welcome to look at my iTunes, but that does contain several songs that are detestable to me that my children seem to enjoy (and it also contains some songs I am so glad my children have introduced me to).

For whatever reason, I have decided the last few years that my music has seasons. I didn't really do it consciously, and I think there are some external factors at work, but summertime has become country music time. I think it's because for several years, the pool where we are members would be the only place I would hear country music. So last year, as the weather warmed up, I started getting in the mood to hear some country music.

Obviously, Christmas has its own music (that shall ONLY be played between Thanksgiving and Christmas and no other). So starting with New Years, I've been listening to some of Ashley's music -- pop-ish, I guess. I like most of it. Fun and groovy.

But yesterday, preacher Phil said something about 'meeting in the middle' and it made me think of this song. And I started thinking that maybe it's almost time to switch to country music stations. Is spring break too soon?

What about you? Does your music have seasons? Do certain times call for certain songs? Are you enjoying a current favorite?

Here's one of our favorites:


Tammy M. said...

I'm Yours is my ring tone on my phone right now. Makes me happy every time someone calls me ; )

dad said...

Seasons? Oh yes.

"Press On" by Selah has carried me through some really down times when my health betrayed me.

"Believe" by Brooks and Dunn is such a beautiful anthem of a gentleman's faith, and it evokes warm memories of my dad.

In total contrast, I frequently have to go to XM's "Bluesville" for a fix. Good stuff.

Kelly Sessions said...

Sarah, I am DEFINITELY a country girl all the time...with a little hip hop, christian, blues and easy listening mixed in...but I LOVE COUNTRY!

One of the best songs ever..."You Look so Good in Love" by George Strait! LOVE HIM!

Roxanne said...

Sent you an e-mail. . .Meet in the Middle always reminded me of Sissy Cole--we would LITERALLY meet in the middle of the road between our houses.

Bobby Ross said...

I love country music, but don't listen to a lot of country radio anymore, except for the Jeff Foxworthy countdown on Sunday mornings. I tend to listen to an adult contemporary station because I like the 80s pop music and a few of the current hits. But I never miss a country music awards show. My iTunes is a mix of country, 80s, contemporary Christian, a bit of rock and even some a cappella spiritual songs.

Rob said...

My office has a "song of the day." We pick something that sums up the events of day. Jason Mraz's I'm Yours is picked a lot on Friday because it is the "happy song," or as I call it, the 5:00 whistle.

And it is never the wrong time to listen to country music, but it has to be good country music. Dad would say that is an oxymoron, but what does he know about dumb livestock? Good country music is music that articulates feelings and emotions in ways that make you say: Yeah... I like that!

Zac Brown Band is my current favorite, with lines like "When she loves me, I am on top of the world/Because when she loves me I can live forever/When she loves me, I am untouchable." Good stuff!

mominsanity said...

I definitely go through seasons with my music. Right now I am in a rock and roll type of season. I also heavily rely on my soundtracks, folk music and some country to get me through. A little R=B never hurt anyone either.

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