Good Things Out There

The most I'm going to do for St. Patrick's day this year is a) wear something green (too many years of working in an elementary school) and b)post a funny video (that I scheduled to post weeks ago and will be as surprised as you when I see it!) But if you would like to go all out, by all means... check out this post.

This is why I don't know Good Things Out There -- I've been re-doing this thing all week long... Still not quite finished, my apologies to Denise and Judy...

I can't believe my hubsters didn't write this song. My apologies now, but it will make you hungry for something you can't GET on Sunday! :-)
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Roxanne said...

I'm in love with Chik Fil A too. Tony just "doesn't get it." But, to quote someone recently, "That's a good piece a chicken."


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