Book Review: No One You Know

Another FABULOSO book by Michelle Richmond, author of Year of Fog. Not quite as difficult to read -- but it still starts out with the most horrific event of the whole book: the murder of the main character's sister 20 prior to the setting of the book. But all in all, fabulous!!
I LOVE Michelle Richmond's writing -- I can completely get lost in it. And I think I would really love Michelle Richmond, too. There is a HILARIOUS part that is something of an inside joke to her faithful readers where the character happens across a book collection where the theme is 'fog'. Without naming her previous novel, she mentions a 'book about fog that had a kidnapping in it' and something about it being too drawn out or something. Can't really remember the entirety of it, but I loved the wink/ nod to me, a faithful reader!
I really think you would enjoy this book. Other than some PG-type discussion of the finding her sister's body, the rest of the book is clean as a whistle. Thumbs up.
I'm currently reading a recommendation from Bob. I am SO loving it. (No wait at our library! Woo-hoo) I'll tell you about it next week!


Julie said...

Sarah, you are keeping my request list at the library full. I wonder if there's a limit to how many I can request...

Catherine Denton said...

Sarah, I've been wanting to read the Fog book for awhile. I browsed the first few pages at a bookstore and had to leave to pick kids up at school. I couldn't remember what the title was. I've been dying to read it and you just jogged my memory. Thank you! I'm so glad you recommended it and this book too. (BTW, I'm in your group on Facebook)

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