Good Things Out There

I want to be Jana. She is tall and beautiful, with a gentle spirit, and a love for smart literature. She shared a beautiful poem here (and I'm not generally a poetry lover).

Won't the hubs be SO excited to get one of these for Father's Day (since it would have too many implications at my house, it would need a bottle of Prozac with it, as well).

I know I send you to Jana AND Kelly all the time, but here's another good reason to! Kelly was probably in 2nd grade when I moved to Temple ready to get married to Troy. In the 10 years we lived there I watched her turn into a physically beautiful young woman. After I had moved away and she had graduated from college, she came with her (amazing) mom to a retreat where Coffee Group spoke and we reconnected that way. I have come to learn what a spiritually beautiful woman she is, as well. Go be challenged by her beautiful spirit.

A sad thing for the rest of us, but as Katherine pointed out, now Paul Harvey knows the rest of the story. He had a MAJOR influence on me and my love of words and stories of life. Rest in peace.

If you need a graduation announcement this year, Tammy is lending her creative talents to producing those, too. I'm so glad I have friends that see the world in a totally different way than me! Let Tammy help you create a personal graduation announcement like this one.

Sometimes I feel this way about life in general: I just don't get it, and I seem to be getting run into all the time...

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Roxanne said...

RE: your e-mail and everything else. . .I've been trapped under a stack of essays and ungraded papers. Grades due by 2:45 p.m. Monday. . .EGADS!!!!!

Roxanne said...

It's 12:26 a.m. and I'm too lazy to get back into my e-mail. . .go look at these. I don't think they were published anywhere but there is some GREAT material there. . .more tomorrow after I descend from the Mountain O' Papers. I think I felt some snow up there. . .and possibly heard yodeling.

Tammy M. said...

Thanks for the link love!!

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