Credit Where Credit Is Due

First, I must pay homage, or give thanks, or SOMETHING.

Today's the day. No, I mean it is THE! DAY!

Troy has been working on THIS DAY for months. I don't know who will be the most glad when today is over. Besides some extra time of his wheels turning toward work at all hours of the day and night, this has been an UNBELIEVABLY busy week for the kids and me and juggling it without him hasn't been fun. So, Troy, who hasn't seen my blog in months, may it go ever-so-smoothly and, if nothing else, may it end. Please, Lord, let it end. Amen.

Which is why I've been thinking about the phrase, "If the devil can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." That's a quaint little saying with much truth to the end results of busy-ness. Being busy leads to not 'feeding' yourself spiritually with time in the Word and talking to the Lord which leads to a chink in your spiritual armor which leads to thinking you have your life all under control which leads to you falling smack on your face. I'm speaking from experience, people. Trust me on this.

The deal is, we're foisting the blame off on Satan when, unless you made some awful deal with him trying to get off the PTA board, he doesn't control your schedule and life. The only way 'the devil makes you busy' is if you allow it. Please hear me preaching at myself (while I answer an email about carpool AND the PTA board that I am on... hmmmm..).

So, I'm confessing and claiming responsibility. I have allowed my calendar to choke out my Savior. Yes, I write it that way and am horribly red-faced and repentant. But am I TRULY repentant and changing things so that my life looks different and my Savior is my Lord? Please hold me accountable.

Something I noticed while memorizing my 'Do Not Fear' verses -- almost ALL of them say (remind) "I am the Lord your God..." Not only does God remind us who HE is, He reminds us who He is TO US. Lord of our lives. Director of our days. Only when we STOP long enough to remind ourselves who He is can we truly live without fear. See how all of this works beautifully when we let it?

So in this busy season I will start by stopping. I will stop and claim Jesus as Lord over my life, but more importantly, over THIS DAY. This Day ordained for me. May your day be full of blessings!


dad said...

Interesting timing on posting the thoughts on the devil making us busy, since this evening the elders discussed our poor performance in visiting a particular home-bound member. Ouch!

Linda said...


our lives seem to be running a parallel course lately....

I am realizing the same thing - and deleting non-essential events / things as necessary!

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