Who Am I?

A week ago my hair looked like this:

and my car looked like this:

Now my hair looks like this:

and my car looks like this:

A week of changes at my house. Yes, I know you are thinking I'm gearing up for that landmark birthday, but if my very old, very mine-all-mine car could have made it another 6 months, we would still have it. But it scared me and God took care of us in getting another. And so did Troy. :-)

Obviously, none of these things define me, but I have to say that I've waved and waved at several people in the past week -- in my car and face to face -- that have seemed to look right through me. A few politely smiled back. Oh, well. Maybe I could pull off some huge prank right now -- nah, who has the energy?

So, I'm still trying to figure out who I am in the mirror and which car is mine in the parking lot (seriously, I haven't had to press the alarm YET to figure it out, but I'm afraid I will soon...!) Someone mentioned that I finally have the hair to fit my personality: sassy! :-) I do like the word 'sassy' and I think it fits me just perfectly.
That word calls to mind one silly night at Bunco. Autum and I were deciding everyone should have a nickname that was alliterative with their first name. I made her Awesome Autum and she made me Sassy Sarah. She called me Sassy for months after that.
What would your alliterative name be?
On a much more serious note, please pray for this precious punkin' having very serious surgery that I don't fully understand. Tell the Lord to hold Stellan and the doctors operating on him. God knows the rest.

Prayers for Stellan


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Stellan's mom's blog. We're on his prayer team now.
Yours truly, Melodious Mike

Roxanne said...

You will have to come up with my alliterative name. . .I'm not particularly rowdy, though I was rambunctious at times.

How 'bout REALLY Roxanne.

mindy said...

sarah, i LOVE the short hair and the cute new car! you could be stylin' and sassy! i'm not musical or mathematical....and those are the only two m's i can think of that this hour:) if you ever decide to get a cricut...do ebay! oh yeah and as for your latest good things out there (which always gives me waaay too many new things to read btw;)), an 84-year-old lady at our church has her quilts on etsy...how cute is that?!! Have a happy hump day!

Kelly Sessions said...

"You don't need a Lifesaver if you mission in life is to be a couch potato!"

-Krazy Kelly (I know its not spelled right, but hey!)

Laura Ashlock said...

Lumpy Laura? No. Lovely Laura? not really. Looney Laura? closer. Lucious Laura? I like that one...I guess I'll have to keep thinking. Feel free to chime in.

Anonymous said...

when i was much younger and working in an office with a carzy bunch of people, we all got Aussie animal nicknames. I was Wendy Wombat...

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