No time for Blogging!

Friends, I was touched and blown away by your comments to "The Atonement Child". Such sadness and broken hearts in our world. And soon I would like to touch back on that difficult subject.

But I haven't been able to string two thoughts together.

Friday I subbed in Kindergarten. Luckily for you, I didn't take any pictures. Because those kids are darn cute, which is how they lull you into believing they aren't actually trying to take over the world. Oy. They wore me out.
Troy's dad came in town and took us to dinner Friday night, which is the perfect way to end an afternoon in kindergarten!
Saturday I woke up bright and early -- theoretically, to run, but since I had a migraine, I lay in the chair praying for my medicine to work. Then it was off to Ashley's tennis tournament.

She has worked hard and improved so much this year. She and her partner took 2nd place! Posing with the medals:Ashley and I went straight from the tennis courts to the soccer fields to watch Riley's game. You know, you feel like you are going to be having soccer for the rest of your life. So I didn't realize that Saturday was the last game. Thankfully, Troy's dad took some pictures, or I would have gone all season without taking any pictures. Okay, I DID go all season without taking any pictures, but I now HAVE some pictures thanks to Troy's dad.

As you can tell by the flag, trees, and Riley's long, flowing hair, it was a little breezy!

As soon as we left the soccer field, I hurried to a wedding shower for church. Again, I didn't take pictures, and I'm sure the beautifully-dressed, pretty-smelling people would just as soon I not have showed up (I changed clothes, but didn't have time for a shower). But I delivered the GOODS!

And, of course, what busy Saturday is complete without a trip to the grocery store? Troy grilled out for us so that we could all enjoy the last of a great outdoorsy- day!

And Sunday? Well, I was the sermon on Sunday, along with more than 1,000 other folks for "We Are the Sermon Day", a day of service to our community. Hands-down, we got the best-looking leader on our team:

So I did some of this. And, I promise, just a little tiny bit of this:But I am worn out!

Soon, much more deep thoughts and discussion! And maybe something funny, And we need a random fact from Riley (ooh -- he actually told me one yesterday -- I'll have to verify. Not that all of them are accurate anyway!)

Stay tuned! Make it a great Monday!

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