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Warning to my gentleman readers: You are always totally welcome, and no discussion here SHOULD get too lady-graphic, but today's blog post will be a little 'chick-intensive'. Join us if you like, tell us the 'dude's point-o-view' but don't complain!

So let's talk hair.

You guys have been very sweet about my new look, and more than one person has mentioned that it makes me look younger. Which is hilarious, because one of the things I had to get past to get my hair cut is thinking that short hair is just what you do when you get middle aged, give up on your appearance, and are too tired to mess with your hair.

Updated: Jana brings up a good point -- not everyone will have seen yesterday's post. Here's a pic of the 'do:
Part of it stems from my early teaching days. I remember sitting in teacher's meetings with my long, flowing locks and realizing that you could almost tell which side of 40 someone landed on by how long her hair was. So, short hair became a declaration of "I am too old to grow long hair!" which I still am not quite ready to admit!

Also, (warning: major psycho confession ahead) anytime I saw someone my age-ish with short hair that DID look good on her, I would think, "Oh, well, sure SHE can wear short hair, she's a size 2!" (or tall, or has small feet, or any one of a million things I'm not). I don't know -- I just never thought I could pull it off.

A year or two ago, my long hair was requiring more and more work to look good. My hair has always been RIDICULOUSLY thick (which is also why many short cuts did NOT look good on me) but in the past few years it seemed to not be quite so thick. Then I read somewhere that the quantity of your hair (for women) doesn't NECESSARILY thin as you get older, but the follicle itself isn't quite as 'plump' as when you were younger. Believe me, if I had known that my hair was fat when I was younger, I would have just shaved it off! :-) So your hair is literally 'thinner' -- EACH hair is thinner! Crazy, isn't it?

I really do think that my thinning hair and my rockin' stylist, Caroline, have made this the best short cut I've ever had. So, all in all, yes, I'm pleased with it. But, I haven't even touched all of the "issues" that not having long hair bring up for me. I don't need therapy (yet) but it's just stuff I've thought of. I think a lot -- but I don't change my hair a lot!

For the record, by the way, MANY people have asked: yes, Troy is totally okay with my short hair and really likes it. I think we both grew kind of weary of my long hair about the same time.

Amanda said she had her own theory/ thoughts about short hair/ long hair. Do you?

Okay, while we are being all girly, if you don't have a 'y' chromosome, GO WATCH THIS video clip. I caught it on the Rachael Ray show yesterday afternoon about the "universal fashion code". I am a BIG believer that many of us could dress better for our body types -- and this shows you how! Seriously! It's worth your time. It made me think (again) that I really need to take the time and money to have most of the things in my closet altered.

Like Ruth Levy mentioned on the show, if you could pay $8 (to have a shirt altered) for a shirt that would make you look 20 pounds thinner and you would wear often, wouldn't you? Um, yeah. And remember this -- you want your upper body to be a wine glass, not a beer can. It's true...

So men, you may need to go burp and scratch to recover from this blog. Girls -- have anything else girly we need to talk about?


Anonymous said...

Ok. So, it's just mean not to post a picture of the new haircut. I want to see it! Well, maybe it's not mean, but my curiosity is definitely aroused. I hope you end of loving it. Speaking as a long time short hair wearing girl----welcome to the club.

Jana Beck

Kelly Sessions said...

so what of the girl that has always had short hair? When we hit middle age are we supposed to grow it long?? haha, I happen to like short hair...but someone once told me guys like long hair on girls...short hair is a turn-off...but I guess I could care less cause I do what I like:)

Amanda Sanders said...

I planned on posting about hair today...God had different ideas. Conviciton! (I would have rather have talked about hair) Anyway, sorry to leave you hangin like that!

Dr. Roger D. Butner said...

Well, being a Y chromosome carrier, I can't relate too much to the long/short issue of hair. But I sure am seeing more gray sprouting out above my 35 year old ears over the last few months! And while I know guys who pluck the gray, and gals who dye it, I welcome the wisdom wisps. ;)

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