Some Tuesday Fun

Y'all I am OUT. I have nothing fun, or thought-provoking, or enlightening today. I am simply drowning in deadline this and scurry here and get this done. How 'bout you?

It doesn't encourage me much to know that by looking back at previous years' blogs, every April is the same. What's odd is that my children have changed sports, but April still seems exactly the same.

Since everyone has a different laundry need of what MUST be washed be cleaned, we've done 12 loads of laundry (okay, maybe 3, it just feels like 12). Oh, they all NEED stuff clean, they just don't need anything folded/ hung. That's my job. Laundry RARELY is anywhere but the hamper or laundry room at this house and it is currently strewn all over my living room. It's clean and now folded and on hangers and waiting for some laundry fairy (that better not be me, too) to put them where they belong.

Can anyone relate?

So, I have no great thoughts, but I have a fairly amazing video. It's fairly long -- 5-7 minutes. Watch the first 60 seconds, then you can skip about 3 minutes. It just gets more and more amazing. Can you imagine the amount of time it takes to practice for something like this? I bet these girls' moms have laundry all over their house, too.

This was taken at the Naval Academy -- the military guys go wild over this!

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mindy said...

hey sarah, just wanted to let you know that i still love your blog:) i'm excited for you announcing your God-dream to the www! and congrats on your award! i've been reading your blog on my phone, so i haven't been a very good commenter...i love that you've been posting every morning and sharing your love of words and good things out there like the r-word pledge with the rest of us! happy writing!

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