Good Friday

Why do we call it good? Oh, when I think about the events of that horrific Friday that Jesus was crucified, I can't imagine calling it 'good'. But Sunday? Man! What a wonderful day. Well, it's everything I base my faith on -- a risen Savior.

I said yesterday that I've been in a bit of a 'dry spell' spiritually. A dry spell of my own making, I might add. God is faithful and God is still my Savior and Lord -- I'm just wandering a little and He's letting me. I seek Him out when I wander, so I end up right where I should be, I suppose.

Part of my dry spell has to do with my erratic schedule. I talked about that recently, as well. But part of my busy schedule has been writing for the newspaper, which is fine. I have actually come to enjoy that WAY more than I expected to -- I HATE to talk on the phone and, well, I have an erratic schedule! But I have so enjoyed hearing what others are passionate about and wouldn't God have it that I have gotten several assignments about the Lent and Easter season.

A few weeks ago, I was assigned this article about Lent. It was such a blessing to me to talk to people whose minds were focused on the time of sacrifice and centering on God.

Last week I turned in this article about an AMAZING production locally (that is also this weekend if you would like to see it). Not only did talking to each of the folks that I interviewed bless me immensely, but I ended up taking my family to the production last weekend. It was heartbreaking and humbling and victorious and wonderful. And the people I interviewed? Every last one reminded me -- "the script changes, but the story is the same -- it's the gospel that we want the community of Abilene to hear". How precious...

I did an article (that I can't find online) about a family at my church and it just blessed me to hear of the generations of traditions and family memories this family has.

My final Easter season article is this one. It doesn't go exactly like I think my editor thought that it would. But, oh, how wonderful to talk to ministers across the town and hear that each of them are burdened with getting the message of the risen Savior to as many people as possible.

Besides blessing me with each of those articles, God also blessed me with a lighter writing schedule for a few days, so now I have a moment to take it in. Now I'm thinking back on how God gave me many opportunities to speak of my faith with people across many faiths and be reminded why I believe what I do. God put people in my path to remind me of His love for me, and why I'm crazy about Him in return.

Yes, the miracle of the cross is huge -- everything, perhaps -- in my faith. But to know that God used some 'mundane writing assignments' to bring that miracle back to the forefront of my brain is more than I can bear right now.

Oh, I am abundantly blessed.

Celebrate our risen Lord!


Bobby Ross said...

Very interesting stories! You have been busy. Thanks for sharing the articles.

Dr. Roger D. Butner said...

My buddy was just telling me today about how seriously his 5 year old daughter takes Holy Week, and that she refuses to call this day "Good Friday." She calls it "Sad Friday." I'm inclined to agree.

Resurrection Sunday more than makes the sadness worth it, but what happened on this day strikes me as more painful and heartbreaking than "Good," even though I do have a theological conviction that explains the profound goodness of it. (Boy, that was a long sentence!)

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