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Lauren is one of those young ladies I have loved to get to know. Not because I feel like I am imparting any great wisdom or knowledge on her, but because she always blesses me. She is a beautiful, godly young woman in her first year of dental school. And she had this to say last Sunday. Man, I'm glad she shared that.

Remember when we prayed for Stellan this week? Don't quit! But you have GOT to check out this post: The day of his surgery, people were encouraged to wear orange and pray for the surgery. Folks from literally around the world sent in their pictures. If this isn't community, I don't know what is!

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Anonymous said...

We are also blessed to hear the "eternal life" changing message David Allen has been preaching from Galations. Like Lauren, I have heard him speak from God's Word, things I have never heard, even growing up in church. I would encourage you and any of your readers to have a listen at
Paid In Full. Have a great week,

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