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You folks are always a wealth of good information. So help me out, 'kay?

I REALLY (like 4 years ago) need to have a 'blog roll'. A list of blogs I visit/ like/ etc.

I have never made one because I'm a wimp. I know that I would invariably leave someone off that felt like they should be on there, yada, yada. So I decided not to decide.

So my question is this: what do you WANT from a blog roll?

Do you even pay attention to other people's?

Do you trust me to cull it down to high quality editorials, or do you just want to see who my blog-peeps are?

Readers of The Cleft of the Rock: your thoughts on blog rolls?


Linda said...

That's how I found yours... :)

Glad someone listed it!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy blogs of all types and often look forward to checking out blog rolls when I find myself with an unexpected minute. Put whatever kind of random mix floats your boat on any given day. I'm sure we all have "blog moods." I know I do.


Amanda Sanders said...

I love it when people list their blog rolls. Here are two good reasons. 1. Encouragement, for yourself and others. Being Linked to is sometimes more exciting than having coments. Being on the Sarah Stirman blog roll may just be the most important thing that ever happens to someone. God may use that small thing to remind someone he or she is not forgotten. 2. We learn that the KINGDOM is lots more dynamic than we ever imagined. This is why I list everyone who asks to be added, as long as they aren't being hostile to others. Their blog may not be my cup of tea, but may change the life of another reader.

Warren Baldwin said...

I've just recently been looking at blogs ... since I started blogging 3 weeks ago. Before that, I read only two blogs, theological ones that generally had long articles.

I still like blogs that have long articles. If I want to read something on theology, history, etc., I want something with a lot of information, stories, etc.

But, I'm learning to enjoy blogs with 2 or 3 paragraphs that condense a subject into a brief message.

Topics I like: family, history, financial tips. I also like personal stories that illustrate the point someone is making.


Roxanne said...

I enjoy a blogroll from time to time. I try to limit myself to certain blogs 'cause otherwise I'd live on the computer BUT I DO click link on other's blogrolls every now and again. I don't have one 'cause I haven't had time to make it.

Lisa Laree said...

I've got two blogs and hence two blogrolls. Or, rather, I've got a blogroll on the sewing blog and a list of blogs I visit on the 'faith and life' blog.
My sewing blogroll is simply the 'sewing buddies' subscribe list from bloglines. It's very easy to maintain...every time I subscribe to another sewing blog it's automatically added to the blogroll.

The faith and life one is a little trickier, because I have subscribed to blogs I'm not sure I want to link on the sidebar. Blogs that express viewpoints I will mull over but I'm not sure I'm quite comfortable in appearing to encourage, if that makes sense. So I subscribe to a blog for a while before I link it.

Hm. I probably should update that one.

But I do like blogrolls; if I like someone's writing it's a good bet I'll like what they read as well. Found some good stuff that way... ;)

Michelle said...

I don't have one for precisely the same reasoning as you have. I kinda breathed a sigh of relief when Blogger added "followers," because you can then click on the profile and it's kinda like a built in Blog Roll....not that I've done that, mind you! ha. I have on occasion clicked through others' Blog Roll's, but it tends to be on a craft site as opposed to a 'regular' blog. But that's just me. I would want to make sure and update mine frequently as I tend to add/take away blogs I read, and so it would be maintenance for me. I guess I'm just too lazy! LOL

Donna Ware said...

I don't think I have ever had a "blog roll." I have had potato rolls and sweet rolls. I really like them the best.

love ya!

Holly said...

I use blog rolls to find other interesting blogs or other people I know that I didn't know about.

ste-pha-nie said...

I haven't updated mine in a long time, but many of the blogs I frequent I've found accidentally through a search or through curiosity via a blogroll. So: blogroll away!!

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