Goin' Green

I guess this would have been a good post for yesterday (Earth Day), huh?

So I saw a recipe/ demonstration on a blog I can't find now about making a spinach smoothie --YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Or not. But the person that I can't find now just promised promised promised that if you throw in some Stevia (herbal sweetener) and strawberries and some other fruit, you will NEVER know that spinach is in there.

I was skeptical, but thought that I may be brave enough to try it once. I am horrible about eating enough fruits and veggies and would love to have something I like that would get them down.

Then Ruthie (who is a facebook friend) was going on and on about So I went and checked that site out. Lo and behold, she has a recipe for a spinach (or any other leafy green vegetable) smoothie (on the video).

Ruthie tried one, said yum, I was willing to give it a shot.

First, I'm sorry I didn't take a picture, but if you go mow your grass, then rinse off the mower blade into a bucket, that's exactly what it looked like. It was VERY green.

I had spinach -- almost a whole packet -- a whole apple (I wedged it to take the core out), a whole banana, a fistful of frozen strawberries and a handful of frozen blueberries. It was a LOT of fruit. Oh, and I did throw in a little Splenda, though I'm not sure it was necessary.

Y'all. Seriously. I thought that the best I would be able to say about it is that I choked it down. Oh, no. It was GOOD. VERY fruity tasting. Every once in a while, I thought I tasted spinach, but convinced myself it was just apple peel.

I did learn that spinach scoffs at my blender. (GreenSmoothieGirl uses a $400 blender. That doesn't exist in this house.) I had to use my food processor and that was fine.

I plan on making these a regular in my house. For me. Thus far, I haven't sold anyone else on them. That's fine -- they would just take all the spinach anyway.

So...... who's on board? Anyone willing to try a spinach smoothie?


Ruthie said...

oh yeah! green smoothies ROCK.. had one yesterday and will have another this morning :)
so cool to look so bad and taste so good.

Janice Garrison said...

I guess I'm weird. I love concotions like that. :-) One of my favorite's tho is plain ole' carrot juice.

Kelly Sessions said...

OOOOH...something i'm gonna have to try...hey I have a healthy smoothie recipe guide my bootcamp instructor gave us, i'll have to find it and send it your way! I'll have to try this! (Oh and I know I post comments a lot, however its a great distraction when we're slow at work-hope you dont mind!)

Warren Baldwin said...

I just posted an article I should have used yesterday, too, "The Jenny Tree." (It's named after one of my daughters).

Are you going to publish the results of your blog survey, or did I already miss it?

Scott F said...

OK. Now we will have to try it. I saw it on Ruthie's fb but thought she was just being a health nut! ;) Sorry, Ruthie!

So, now it has been verified by another so will have to try it and then see if we can call it ice cream and convince the kiddos to try it! Or call it a Sonic Slushy, green like Green Apple! Or something creative!

Anonymous said...

I prefer my spinach in savoury dishes. I love carrots, celery, cucumber and beetroot in juices.

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