I've Become the "Other Woman"...

I have frequently requested a weather forecast for my church. Not for the town the church is in-- for the auditorium. I have suggested a running scroll on the website: "Current temp in the auditorium is 58* and breezy. Dress accordingly." or "High of 84* in the auditorium today." I have yet to be heeded.

Yesterday it was 58* and breezy. On Easter Sunday. The children were precious in their Easter finery and blue lips. Ashley and I were in spring-ish type clothes, but not sleeveless. We were quite cool. I didn't mind the cool too much while I interpreted the first part of the service, but once I sat down I got quite cool quickly.

I was sitting next to Troy, Ashley was on the other side of him. He finally put his arm around her trying to warm her up a little. I sure would have liked that warm arm around me, but I made do tucking as much of myself under the other arm at his side trying to warm up. Eventually, he leaned forward to remove his jacket.

"Good plan," I thought... "Leave your arm around Ashley, and give me the jacket -- or vice-versa, whatever. I'm good." Oh, no. He handed Ashley the jacket so he could have both of his arms back.

Let me be honest -- I sat there shivering. And beaming. It pleased me to sit by while Troy took care of his girl the way she needs to be taken care of. I want my daughter to know her daddy is crazy about her. As she seeks out a husband, I want her to know how she should be treated and know what it's like to be the apple of a man's eye.

It isn't impossible to understand the love of God -- well, as much as we can understand it on this planet -- without having a loving parent. But I do believe that me having loving parents helped me start to get an idea about the unconditional love of God -- and I want Ashley to know that as crazy as we both are about her, it's just a tiny drop compared to the abundant, never-ending, perfect love of her heavenly Father.

I spend plenty of time shivering for her while watching tennis, I don't mind a little more shivering while her daddy takes care of her. It's why I picked him.


Roxanne said...

Good job, Daddy. :) One of these days we'll get our husbands back. . .and in the mean time, the sweetness of watching them with their children fills in the gaps. Tony was oohing and cooing over Heather yesterday too--it was great.

Phil said...

Wear layers - or get Troy to - it's the only solution. In 5 years it's been the right temperature 3 times!

Great point on the post. Now, how about sharing it with me on Heartlight!

Good stuff.


dad said...

Great thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, we would have LOVED to have some of that COOLNESS over across
town at Hillcrest at their 50th anniversary celebration!! It was PACKED, and it was so HOT!! They did finally turn the air on. Haven't been that hot in a long time. Mom & I loved stepping outside in the fresh air. I would haved loved being at SH Sunday not to freeze, but for other reasons.

Donna A.

Lisa Laree said...

Oh, so our church auditorium isn't the only one!!!

Freezing or frying...independent of the actual season of the year.

Personally, I prefer it on the cool can add all the layers necessary (assuming, of course, you brought layers with you).

But when it's hot, there's only so much you can lay aside before you must simply endure.

David Scott said...

Shameless, I know, but I'm so proud of Whitney for writing this article for Momsense Magazine a few years ago. Your post reminded me of it and of what a huge responsibility God has given to me with regards to raising my little girl.

Dusty Chris said...

The men who run the thermostat are wearing wool suits and 58 degrees is comfortable...It also causes the woman they are with to cling to them for warmth. So it kills two birds with one stone...wool suit comfort and a woman snuggling next to him. I hardly see a downside.

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