Blogging Hiatus

Folks, I do want to get back to deep subjects, and I do want to give you some wonderful insight from Riley about how or why the world works the way it does. But I'm going to take a little break first.

I missed last week as 'TV turn off week' but I think I'm going to take 'technology hiatus week' as this week. I'm not going to blog or facebook or Twitter. I'm going to listen for God. I think He's been trying to tell me some things and I seem to be missing it because I'm too busy updating my facebook status or something.

In the mean time, I'm going to post some re-runs here for those of you that may be relatively new to my blog. You need to meet the family, and learn what a whacky, flawed person I am.

I plan to be back for real next Monday, May 4 (can we BELIEVE May starts on Friday??? Wow.)
Hope to see you then.


jerriann said...

Girl, I totally agree with you, I fell the same way. I start out to spend time with God and then I think, well I better get this post out and I better check on facebook and I need to catch up on my e-mail, ssh(?)

Anyway, enjoy your time. See ya in a week.

Roxanne said...

Love you.


Sharon said...

Good for you! God bless your ears as you listen to Him.

Lisa Laree said...

I hear you. Last week was my quarterly tech break...be blessed!

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