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I attend a Church of Christ. I was raised in a Church of Christ. It is a dear and precious family to me -- that I am occasionally hesitant to confess that I am a part of. We have some ugly baggage dragging around and not great PR on occasion. Trey posted something that truly blessed my soul. The church where I currently worship is also trying to define ourselves in the positive as opposed to what we DON'T do or DON'T believe.

The 'alternative lifestyle' folks have done a MUCH better PR job than the mentally handicapped PR folks. It has fallen WAY out of fashion to say, "That's gay" about something and/or "You're a f*g" (can't type it!) As well it SHOULD have. However, I am APPALLED at the number of kids AT MY CHURCH that tell each other how 'retarded' they are, and call each other 'retards'. I am VERY thankful to see a campaign to end such derogatory language and would invite you to join in. More info here.

And if you wonder what the big deal is -- read this story about an autistic child led his parents to come to know Christ. Wow.

Now, to lighten things up.

This explains A LOT!

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Roxanne said...

Nice to know that we are out doing good rather than harm. :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Sadly, it's not just the youth who call each other "retarded" or dismiss some idea as "retarded." I hear adults do it as well, which really grieves my wife as she was a social worker for the mentally retarded for a number of years. Thanks for creating more awareness for the inappropriateness of some of our speech patterns.

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