More Sitemeter Info

More fascinating (or not) Sitemeter info: I have also found that one of the most popular searches that brings people to my blog is the phrase "It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming". That is a well-known speech that Tony Campolo made (and has made several times) regarding the week of Easter.

I wrote a post with that title 3 years ago -- when my little punkin' friend, Levi, was born on Holy Thursday. (and now the crying commences)

I'm somewhat feeling that way again -- a little lost and aimless in this fallen world. It's amazing to me that, though it varies every year, Easter seems to come just when I need it the most.

(and in the middle of writing this, I get the evil eye roll from one because I threw away a review sheet of a test that has already taken place -- and the sheet was to be turned in for a grade. *sigh* Whatever)

More tomorrow on how God has used some of the annoyances of the past few weeks to bless my socks off. Because tomorrow is Friday, but Sunday's coming.

I can't wait...


Roxanne said...

In the dredge with you. . . I keep on grabbing the hand of Jesus to stay above the water. I hope to be walking on it next to Him someday, but until then, His grace is more than enough to keep me afloat.

Love you.

Dr. Roger D. Butner said...

That's cool, Sarah. The one I find interesting that gets a lot of hits on my site is "definition of knothead" because of this post:

But I have been blown away at all the hits I've gotten from my posts on Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda! People love Oogway, and I can see why.

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