Last week my sitemeter told me something else interesting. One of the pages that referred someone to my blog was a blog I'm not familiar with. This happens occasionally -- I might go visit and find out that I am linked on a blog roll or in a post. I try to make a comment, because I am honored for folks to think enough of me to send their readers my way.

So it was that last week I went to this previously-unknown blog and found where I had been linked. I was linked because the blogger was confessing (last May) to have stolen one of my posts and posting it as his (her? I'm not sure) own. Hmmmm.

The REALLY interesting thing about it is that blogger was confessing and asked forgiveness of the people who s/he had deceived, but I am still waiting...

This isn't the first time I am aware that something like this has happened, but I still don't know what, if anything, to do about it.

I somewhat tongue-in-cheek say I am waiting to be asked to forgive. A) If I haven't now, 10 months later, I never will. B) I have forgiven, but would prefer for this not to happen again!

As a writer, my words are my business. They are the only product I have to offer.

It helps to know that the ones that are worth stealing come from the Lord and He may do with them what He will. May I respond the way He would have me respond.

This will happen again as I post my words, my 'business', on the world wide web. Photographers can watermark their photos -- I can't watermark my thoughts and words.

May the words He's given me stretch far and wide to do His will, no matter how it gets out there.


Tucker said...

I have had this happen a few times myself. My first reaction was to get upset about it. But, after I think about it, Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I was informed about it, went to the site and left a comment, thanking them for stealing my stuff and just asked, if they would be nice enough to at least just credit me. I figure its not really mine, its Gods and maybe it will bless someone else!

Roxanne said...

Yeah. . .if you're gonna "steal" then you should at least link to it. World Wide Plagiarism. I don't know how to do the copyright thingy, but if you find out, let me know.

Stephanie said...

There are several ways to copyright, and photographers can "digimark" but it doesn't stop anyone.
As an artist and writer, I usually shake it off. If the person eventually wants forgiveness I will give it freely. I think the only way it would really bother me is if someone "stole" my picture or words and then turned around to sell it and profit. Even then, I share Tucker's feeling that it is a form of flattery, and it's not really mine, it is God's, and I hope that it would bless someone.

Dr. Roger D. Butner said...

Not Cool!!! This is the first I've heard of this, but it (sadly) doesn't surprise me. I hope this individual finds restoration with you, repents of her/his ways, and this never happens to you again!

Kelly Sessions said...

sarah, do you get your blog information(tracking) from googleanalytics? or where do you track it from.

I am curious...I use analytics but sometimes the information isnt too helpful.

JoAnn said...

I have the same question as Kelly, how do you track site visitors? Inquiring minds wanna know. :)

Warren Baldwin said...

It seems odd that someone would steal a post. Can't you simply give them credit by mentioning their blog and providing a link? I'm new to blogging but it seems like that would be ok. For example, I'd like to use the "men's and women's brain" video. Can that be used on another blog is credit is linked by to yours?

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