I really meant to take a before picture, but it would have meant me breaking my long-standing policy of not having a picture of myself on the internet that includes one of my arms fully extended in front of me taking my own picture. SO. At 1 p.m. yesterday my hair looked basically like this:
Okay, there was a little bit of a post-workout ponytail bump, and the wind wasn't quite blowing it ever-so-gently, but I said 'basically'.
So at 2 p.m. yesterday, my hair looked like this:

(I am resisting the urge to fix everything about this picture -- believe it or not, my hair is the same color in both pictures...).
Yes, I went short. I cut it fairly short a few years ago, but it's been long for a LONG time. Thinking about this makes me realize I still haven't told the story of my friend Denise coming to my house when Troy was out of town and I had lice -- and combing out my very long, very thick hair for lice. I think celebrating my short hair will be the time to tell THAT story of friendship -- not just anyone would do such. That may be tomorrow's blog. I know your are giddy with anticipation.
When I mentioned that I was getting my hair cut short, one person asked me if I was going to get a 'mommy-'do'. Um, no. Here's the deal: most women want to BE moms, and I am eternally grateful I was given that gift. Precious few of them want to LOOK LIKE one, and I am included in that group. Sorry, it's just the reality. (You can send hate email to: I did not get a 'mommy-do'. I got a "I'm too s*xy for my hair" 'do!!

Like most things in life, cutting my hair has made me think about lots of things. That's for later too. Today was just show-and-tell for two reasons: 1) I hate when my hair is noticeably different and people feel obligated to say how fabulous it looks. See it here, say nothing later. We're both happy. 2) Now you will know who Troy is sitting next to in church from across the way.
And, when I walked Riley home from school, we realized that now HE, my 11-year-old son, wins the prize for longest hair in the family. We don't even have a long-haired DOG!

To all of you that thought this was going to be something great -- sorry, this is as big as it gets at my house!


Roxanne said...

Oh. . .my. . .word. . .that is KEVIN IN THAT PICTURE. He straightened his hair and let it grow and drank from the fount of eternal youth. I cannot accept that as Riley.

And I have already commented on your new do--though my two different e-mails were sent backwards. It was just that kind of day.

Melissa said...

You will love your short hair! The plus is that it looks great on you - enjoy all the compliments whether you want them or not.

Kelly Sessions said...

looks too cute! We are TWINS now!:)

Ruth said...

HEY you look great!

P.S. it was great to see you, ever so briefly, when I was in town recently!

Michelle said...

Looks great! You're beautiful!

Barbara said...

For the 47 years we've been married, my husband's hair has always been longer than mine.

dad said...

I really like the new look. It becomes you.
In addition, and certainly not that you needed it, but it makes you look MUCH younger - maybe because now you and Ashley look spookily alike.

not-so-deep Denise said...

So, what is a Mommy-do?

Ginger said...

I like it Sarah, looks really cute. Not a Mommy-Do at all

Sarah said...

Y'all are all very sweet! And if I can be Kelly's twin? I am totally on board! Kelly, what do you for working out? You're precious in a hat -- do you run in one? Haven't figured out how to keep it out of my face!

Melissa, I have found that it's REALLY easy -- and I haven't even washed it yet. That should save at least 5 minutes in the shower -- that mop took a LONG time to rinse out!

Barbara, that cracks me up!

Yes, everyone agrees that Ashley and I look even more alike now. She said that I "made her life miserable" because she already gets called Sarah about 12 times a week! :-)

Denise, I had a 'mommy-do' when Ashley was a year old. It was pretty bad.

And several folks have mentioned that it makes me look younger -- which is ironic considering my greatest fear. More on that tomorrow...

ChristyCate said...

Isn't it an odd liberation? And yet the symbolism behind it all just may leave you reeling... in a good way, of course. Enjoy! It will be much easier at the pool. :)

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