It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming!

Tony Campolo made this statement well-known throughout Christian communities, and it's never applied more to me than this week. Of course, Easter week is the very week he is referring to when he says, "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!"

From all outward appearances, my family has had a great week, if a little busy. Lots going on, lots of excitement with school programs and egg hunts, baseball games and practices, and time with friends. Yesterday was a busy, precious day filled with an egg hunt, volunteer work, and good laughs. A great day, right? Sprinkled all throughout my day -- even starting the night before -- I have been run over and overwhelmed by the mess and heartache of this world.

Why do the faithful fall away?

Why do mommies decide to quit being a mommy?

Why are some people so self-absorbed and selfish that they believe they can treat others so awfully?

Why do godly people suffer from illnesses that can't even be diagnosed and treated?

How is the young mother going to hold her family together while her alcoholic husband decides whether he loves his family or his addiction more?

And it goes on, and you have at least a dozen questions yourself -- the hows and whys of living in a sinful, fallen world. It frequently seems to be too much. But Levi came into the world yesterday. Levi, whose mommy and daddy have asked all of the 'why's and are still without answers to many, finally made his way into this world -- on Holy Thursday -- to remind us that God has hope for us all.

I'm not sure there has ever been an Easter that I needed to celebrate the resurrection as much as I do this week -- to remember the new beginning the Lord gave us all on that Sunday morning.

Welcome to our mess of a world, baby Levi. You're one of the most recent residents of heaven, so we will cling to you to remind us of the glory that is beyond this world. No pressure.


SuperMom said...

Oh, how I love babies. That picture brings tears to my eyes. He is gorgeous. What a beautiful reminder of our Creator and the hope he brings.

Welcome, Levi!

There are times those things weigh heavy on me...usually when I watch the news. But I think we are supposed to feel that. It's the whole point.

Heth said...

"our mess of a world" Oh how true. How it must grieve His heart.

Oh little Levi. What a sweetie.

Roxanne said...

Beautiful boy. . .those newborn puffy cheeks. . .goop in the eyes. . .all a part of making his way. Blessings on Levi and his family.

A beautiful post, Sarah. I feel it all, and I get overwhelmed at the thought of it--so very often. My Easter morning was overshadowed by the thought of three little girls somewhere in Tennessee with no Daddy and essentially no Mommy. My own children were still emptying all the eggs of candy, diggin' through their baskets, when the thought hit me, and I wondered if she had already bought their dresses-- or things to go into their Easter baskets. . .

I think Supermom is right, we are supposed to feel that way--at least sometimes. And when we do, we need to thank God for the blessings that are ours and be confident in his sacrifice and in his strength. Easier said than done. . .I admit.

But. . .Sunday has come--and he is risen.

Thinking of you--
Love you--


heartsjoy said...

So true and so hard. I agree that not much brings a closer feel to the Lord than a new fresh innocent soul!

Mel said...

There is nothing like a new baby. :)

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