Good Things Out There

So much I want to share you with you!

First, this isn't a good thing, simply my observation for today: don't ever underestimate the soul-nourishing value in simply sitting amongst believers letting the word of God be spoken to you, and time to sing praises in return. Please don't ever let me take that for granted.

On to good things:

Think what you will about our military, government spending, or the war in Iraq. Good things are going on in our military and here's proof: Read about my friend, Jumpin' Jack Flash's opportunity to be pilot for a day at our local air force. But, most importantly, check out the BEAUTIFUL pics his photographer mom took here.

Celebrate a very special anniversary with another Sarah and her gorgeous girl, Addison.

Lastly, I have mentioned my good and faithful mechanic here before (and here, too). In fact, there was a point in time that I LONGED to make a blog post, "An Ode to My Mechanic", but since I am poetically challenged, I could only make it look like this:

Oh, John W., we love you.
Oh, John W., we'll be true.
When you aren't with us,
We're blue and our car is, too.
Oh, John W., we love you.

"The poet laureate of Dogwood Lane" -- that's me (quick, where's that quote from?)

So, thankfully, John W. can let you see for yourself why our family thinks he's all that and a box of dougnuts:


Roxanne said...

A box of warm SHIPLEY donuts it seems like. . .and bless Jack's heart--those are some awesome pictures. I know they will treasure their day.

mad4books said...

Your blog was so heartwarming today! All great stories.

(Saw Jack's story on the news the other night, but the slideshow was SO much better...)

Tammy M. said...

Your quote would come from Steel Magnolia's. Wasn't it MaLynn? Thanks for linking to Jack's slideshow.

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