Hallmark, I'm Not

Because it's the first week of school. Because I'm horrible about birthday cards and gifts. Because I know my father will wake up at some ungodly hour in the night, prowl around the house and at some point click on over to my blog:

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad has endeared himself to my blog readers by his funny comments (check THIS ONE out!) and his never-failing pride in his daughter. He also has a child-like curiosity about people, vehicles, nature, animals, your hobby, your family, and probably your pets as well. He's pretty easy to talk to, as you might imagine. I generally have so much fun with mom and dad -- and, yes, sometimes it's at dad's expense. But he's a good sport. And a great gran'dad. Well, great as in, excellent. Since my middle schooler is his oldest grandchild, he won't be a great-gran'dad for LOTS of years. But he'll still be fun.

Dad, we're all over here wishing you the happiest of birthdays. About the time you are reading this I will be hustling home from the gym to shower and roll weary bodies from beds and do the whole shuffle-off-to-school routine. Hope your day is full of big real estate deals!


Tammy M. said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Wishes of huge blessings heaped up high this year.

Anonymous said...

MIKE: The Man, The Mystery, The Megarealtor! Happy BD Bud. I hope you have enough air to blow out all those candles. :-) m.Stirman

Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!!!!! Love you.

dad said...

Thank you, one and all. Don't think I've ever had ethernet birthday blessings before!
S-funny that you would post this so early, since for the first time since you started blogging, I was delayed in checking into what you have done.
Since this post is dedicated to myself, I feel like I ought to look at my toes and say "aw shucks".
A great birthday present!
I love you madly.

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