Observations from Today

The shrieking ones are in Louisiana. I am in West Texas. West Texas is almost too quiet right now.

I used to think I could no longer sleep in a car. Turns out I can sleep in a quiet car. Sweet Troy even drove for 90 minutes with no music so that I could sleep!

You know how cute and carefree you think you look riding in the car with your bare feet propped up on the dashboard? You don't. I had to keep from gagging at other people's feet propped up on their dashboard. So, I had to take my own down so as not to cause another driver to gag about the site of my feet.

Drivers of automobiles on their cell phones irritate me. Drivers of 18-wheelers on their cell phones scare the bejabbers out of me.

I think my father quizzes people he knows about what is on my blog. If they score well, they are allowed to continue to be his friend. Either that, or Monroe needs better cable television. Met many of my blog readers at church today (of course, do any of you ever comment??? Noooooo -- except Lisa C., thankyouverymuch!)

My children are not in this state. My husband is sitting alone watching television. I am blogging. Something is wrong with this picture. . .


Roxanne said...

I had one of my/our very detailed dreams about you. It must have been because my psyche knew where you were today.

You were sitting in Forsythe--but it was some off to the side chapel area of Forsythe. On your right was Christy Barker (if you are reading this Christy, Hi there.) and on your left was Kristy Winn--with a short hair cut.

Somewhere over there in your general vicinity was also Jamie Lee Curtis. Evidently, she is a long lost friend of mine and has parents who attend Forsythe, 'cause in my dream I was going on and on about how people always freak out when I tell them I know Jamie Lee Curtis and her parents.

I was trying to figure out when I could come to see you--you kept telling me how you needed to clean your room--not so far from true in high school days--so I offered to come and help. I said, "We used to see each other all the time for no reason at all." I think church started after that so we had to quit talking.

I woke up with a cold--stuffy nose--general lack of gumption--hot as blue blazes 'round here. Oh well--I've taken some Nyquil capsules to aid in my sleep, and hopefully I will wake up cold free. . .H-O-P-E.

I have seen your feet, and they have never caused me to gag--were they encased in cute lime green sandals or atop a dashboard in any car we've been in together. Of course, we were normally in your car, so I guess I haven't seen them on a dashboard very often.

Glad you had a safe trip. . .and glad that I would pass Mike's blog test with flying colors!!!!!


Pat White said...

You crack me up as well as inspire me with the things that you write. I'll quit lurking and make occasional comments. I really nned to get back to BLOGGING.

Glad to hear that you are going to work for AISD. Enjoy all those required meetings this week.

A quiet house, Troy is watching TV, and no kids . . . hmmmmmmmm

BTW, remind Troy to come by the foyer and register for the Men's Retreat!


Pat White

Roxanne said...

Forgot to add that though our children are in the same state, and in fact in the same house, I am on the computer alone and Tony is watching "Princess Bride." AT least I am listening to something I like.

dad said...

So mom in her kerchef and I in my cap,
had been settled in for a long summer's nap.
We'd been asleep but an hour or two,
when we heard Ashley standing beside us quite blue.
"I've been sick", she moaned, as my toes began curling,
and there in her room was the proof: she'd been hurling.
Everything she'd ever eaten was there in plain sight,
I knew right away it would be a long night.
Nonna did the scooping as I did the "re-sheeting",
and Ashley lay quite pale, plaintively bleating.
Now the laundry's almost done, and the hurler is better
the sheets are clean and the carpet's a bit wetter.
Although the temptation was keen to become deranged,
it's really nice to know that nothing has changed.
In the middle of the night children still need love,
and they'll always be the finest gift from Heaven above.
So thank you, S & T for entrusting them to us,
and praise you, God, for what you do for us.

Roxanne said...

Mike. . .a flight of poetic fancy after being awakened in the wee hours???? I hope everyone gets to sleep late. I'm sure Riley will have something to say about the whole thing. . .

Karene said...

That is not what I would have expected of your quiet evening alone!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Wow--your dad is awesome!

Denise W. said...

1. I plan to keep my feet on the dashboard until they won't go up there anymore.

2. What I wouldn't give for 24 hours without kids....

3. Your dad is a poet at 1:00am! That's impressive.

SuperMom said...

Okay! Okay! I'm commenting!!!!

I, too, am way behind on reading the bloggage.

Your dad...quite the poet. HILARIOUS!!!! Now we know where you get your gift of words :-)

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