Marriage Mondy: SURPRISE!

Before I get started, let me be the first to point out that yes, yes I did miss a day in my "month of posting every day" in September. Nope, it wasn't yesterday (PLEASE tell me you watched that precious video) or Saturday (Scott, I will NOT pay for your therapy because of that pic). Those I had scheduled to post, but Friday? Y'all -- I was just having too much fun! I won't regale you with all of my fun, but I had a lot of fun with a new friend and my kids. I even got to spend time with Troy, who was home for a few minutes in the morning before his flight out of town.

So I missed a day and I'm just going to be okay with that.

For Marriage Monday I want to tell you about the absolute CUTEST thing my sweet husband did for me while he was out of town.

While I'm bragging on my man I'll go ahead and tell you it made me feel like a big creep because I had planned to set him up a VERY simple little goody box like this one on the Dating Divas site... and I fell into my Pinterest black hole just didn't take the time to do it. :-( So, he is at least 35 points ahead in the spouse rewards points game. You know what that means? Next movie = explosions and blood, next dinner out = major side of beef, and I have lost remote privileges forever.

Saturday afternoon, he sent me a text with a cute little rhyme that launched me into a scavenger hunt in the house. Finally! A scavenger hunt that isn't for my keys or clean socks! Whew! The clues were good and a little tough (he is VERY clever with words!) The last clue really took me a while. I had to go back and back to the clue. He was good... he wouldn't give a hint! :-) He is KILLER at Christmas (of course... he usually doesn't buy my gift until about the 20th, but he doesn't give it away!)

When I finally got it figured out the final clue led me to a sweet card and gift for me -- some shoes (my love language) that he had seen and thought of me. But, after all of that, it could have just been the card or a box of my favorite candy!
The point is that he took the time to come up with the idea -- or even stole or borrowed the idea, I don't care. He actually pulled it off unlike his slacker wife, who only came up with the idea AND bought the supplies.

This kind of thing may not be your "thing" -- but would it thrill your spouse? What would communicate to your spouse "I thought of you and put some effort into communicating that to you"?

I am NOT a creative person when it comes to such things. My gifts fall more in the "burn chicken 12 different ways" category or the "see how long a family can go without sweeping the floor." So, I have been very thankful to find The Dating Divas site. I think that some of their ideas are contributed, and some they dream up, but they are pretty fun.

If you have a great idea for a simple way to let your spouse know you are thinking of them, let me know! I would love to hear it!

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Abby said...

I just saw that Dating Divas website on Pinterest and I'm so impressed with it! I haven't gotten to do anything yet, but I hope to use some of their ideas to spoil my husband!

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