Keep Me Laughing for My Birthday!

Okay, I am squeaking in with 69 minutes to spare! But today is MY BIRTHDAY!!

It was way fun and I will tell you all about it when I am not trying to get my weary, older body to bed after a day-o-fun.

Just want to share two of my favorite birthday greetings on Facebook.

The first was from Trina, who had a little trouble with her long fingernails and auto-correct, et. al:

Of course, that kept me and several others laughing quite a while.

Then Steve topped it off at the end of the day:
It's been a great birthday. There was Mexican food, hot air balloons, fireworks, Diet Coke and sleeping late! Now, in 6 hours from this minute I want to be leaving the house for a 4.2 mile run -- .1/mile for every year of life! If I do that, I have to go to bed NOW.

With that, I am off!


Jenni said...

happy happy birthday Sarah!!

ChristyCate said...

WooHoooooo! Do you hear the horns and see the confetti? Sorry I'm late, but happy b-day friend!!!

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