Creepiest Picture of Invisible People -- But Not Invisible Teeth

I was looking for pictures of happy couples for this post on encouraging your spouse, and I came across this picture:
Can we all just agree that is simply the creepiest picture ever?
(as I look at it, I realize there is an excellent chance it is from a movie I have never seen since I see about 2 movies per year. If it is, enlighten me. And I will never, ever see it).

Thank you.


Roxanne said...

Yeah. Um. I could have lived my ENTIRE LIFE without ever seeing that picture and been happy.

MY run-in with that type of thing was a few years back when the had the commercials where real people had been filmed, but hey had "animated" them. Creeped me out for reals.

Scott F. said...

It's like a scary clown family. A white face scary clown family. And I don't like scary clowns, of which pretty much covers all clowns. I'm calling YOU during my scary clown nightmares tonight.

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