Would You Ever: Hot Air Balloon Rides

Y'all I'm about to miss my streak!

Crazy day -- and I'm about to walk out the door for Friday Night Football! WooHoo!

Big doin's around here this weekend, and one of the things I am hoping my family can make it to some of is the Plano Balloon Festival.

I find it so intriguing that my "big city area" is HUGE into hot air balloons. We are just rural enough that hot air balloons have enough space to take off and land. I truly see at least one per week, and usually if you see one you see 4-6. I LOVE them!

This morning, I saw one land in the field behind the Sonic where I was going to get my drink before ladies class! I was going to take a picture as proof, but it was too low by the time I was where I could take a picture. Isn't that crazy?

So... a question for you: would you ever ride in one?

Me -- no way, no how. I don't do heights and the thought of an open basket higher than 20 feet off the ground ... just NO. What about you? Would you? Have you?


stuckinthe80s said... way...not ever! That parachute ride at Six Flags scares the ooze outta me - I don't need to be at the mercy of some glorified trashbag!

Roxanne said...

I am NOT a fan of heights, but I WOULD ride in a hot air balloon. I have heard it is very silent and peaceful and that "sounds" GREAT to me. However, you probably recall how those lovely Abilene hot air balloons were the harbinger of my First Most Awful Day of Teaching.

Not good.

Jenni said...

I think it would be so much fun. It is on my "bucket list" as is skydiving....

ChristyCate said...

I did the tethered balloon ride once. Not bad at all, felt more like floating, like how I envisioned cloud hopping would be. So, even though I'm not a fan of heights...YES! Let's do it!

Sarah said...

Chris -- you and me, Dude. I'm on the ground. We can sit with our popcorn and watch the rest of these suckers plummet to their deaths.

Roxanne. Seriously? Go you. You would take some amazing pictures. Chris and I will hold your purse.

Jenni -- you are kuh-RAY-zee!!

Christy, I may-- MAY -- consider a tethered ride. Maybe. If Chris will hold my purse.

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