Praying for Marlie Ruth

First, I want to keep it real around here.

Yesterday, after I let you know how awesome my husband is - -he's still awesome -- we ended up having a shouting match last night. Over where a watermelon was in the kitchen. Not. Even. Kidding. (It was in plain sight/ tripping pattern -- hence, the problem). Just keepin' it real 'round here. Some days rainbows and lollipops, some days fights over watermelons.

Today I want to use my blog to ask for prayers for a newborn baby girl. I confess I am doing so without specific permission of the family, and that has been known to get me into trouble on more than one occasion.  But I'm going to step out here on faith and trust that asking for prayers from as many people as possible will be okay.

Marlie Ruth is six days old today. And I am writing this at 7:45 CST -- and her surgery should have already started. Before she was even born, she was found to have a brain tumor. She was born gorgeous and perfectly healthy -- except for that pesky little tumor -- last Thursday night.

Her parents, Kevin and Nathalie, are walking in faith.

Kevin writes on Marlie Ruth's carepages:

"The lead surgeon on the case will be Dr. Robert Bollo. Please lift him up in prayer and ask that God guides him to do his best work. We are praying that his surgery on Marlie will be Dr. Bollo's "masterpiece." 

Specifically, we additionally ask for prayers that - 
* Marlie's brain tumor will be removed in a successful surgery and she will complete the surgery and be a healthy baby girl. 
 * Marlie will have complete healing from this infirmity and from her surgery. * Marlie's brain tumor will be benign. 
* Our family will have peace, comfort and strong faith as we accept whatever result fulfills God's will."

Marlie Ruth has a sister and a brother: Maycie and Coleman.

Please say a prayer for this family today. I know they would appreciate every last prayer.

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Roxanne said...

My husband and I never argue. I don't know what's wrong with you and Troy.


Praying for sweet, baby girl.

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