Big Day! New Beth Moore Study, Thrift Store Shopping, and a Ballgame!

Y'all, I only have a minute here. My giddiness at this day will tell you what a sad, sad state my life has become. But I am SO! EXCITED! for today!! Truly, it's a big day (for me -- no one else in this house has any idea how excited I am).

First, I signed up for our new church's fall Beth Moore study. They will be studying, "David: Seeking a Heart Like His." Of course, I'm totally pumped to dive into a new study of the word. But... honestly... for THIS day the big news is that I will be putting on ACTUAL clothes (not exercise) AND make-up, hair not ponytailed -- a look previously reserved for Sundays only.

Plus -- and this is HUGE -- there will be PEOPLE. People that might (I don't want to put too much pressure on my new sisters, now) actually speak to me. Say "hello" even. Actually, I had lunch with two of the women two weeks ago and they are quite lovely and I feel certain at least those two ladies will say hello. Generally my days are limited to my children, my dog, and, if I'm really blessed and social, the cashier at Kroger or Walgreen's. Seriously. I'm gonna be on people overload.

THEN while I am out and all dressed and everything I'm going to Goodwill! Yes, go ahead and laugh, but, again, I'm excited. For those of you in my former town, Goodwill is now as far as "all the way across town" is there -- about 10 miles. I have an awesome one about 10 miles north of me and there's one 8 miles south of me that I've never been to. I don't go often, keeping in my little Kroger and Walgreen's circle.

Yes, I will be steps from amazing outlet stores, but I am headed to Goodwill. A) My family is on a Goodwill budget. B) I have some projects I would like to do for the house that Pinterest has me thinking about. I am going to troll for old frames and cookie sheets, but I'll be honest: I'll be scoping out clothes while I'm there, too! Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam has truly shown me the light about thrift store shopping.

Then, as if actually getting dressed, actual people, and an actual thrift store aren't enough?? There is a football game!! (Remember? These people don't get excited about football, but I do because my Sporty Girl is marching in that band!) The temperature is the absolute perfect football watching weather that Texas doesn't usually get until well into October. Honestly, I just don't know what ever I did to deserve this day!


Soooooo... TOP THAT! What do YOU have going on today? HAPPY FRIDAY!

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ChristyCate said...

About to leave my house and... wait for it... pick up DENISE!!!... for our fall Beth Moore the remake of Paul!

Love you!

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