Wells Crowther -- An Ordinary Hero

I am LOVING the commitment to blog everyday.

It has reminded me that I actually DO have things to say. This 10th anniversary of September 11th has certainly provided a flood of writing material, but I'm not sure I have anything worthwhile to add to the dialog. Memories and moments and emotions that we all had have surfaced again, but it's precisely the same memories, moments, and emotions you had -- only with different scenery maybe. Besides that, this weekend is CHOCK FULL-O-FUN and I don't have much time for writing. I will fill you in on a LOT of things next week. Pinky promise?

Today I have run 4 miles, worked in the yard, pedicured, yoga-ed, and just got out of the shower because our family is on our way to a tailgate party and football game for Troy's work (here, it's evidently called "boulevarding" -- for the love). So. Must run. But first I want to share a video with you. It's lengthy, but it's just one story out of dozens of 9-11-01 of everyday people turned heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this video. So much courage, so many heroes, so much loss. ms.

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