It's Friday! It's Friday! Gotta Write A Blog On Friday!

Everyone read the title -- and sing along. And let it get stuck in YOUR head, too! Since I have teenagers, SOMEONE has to sing it every week. Now they're gone and it's stuck in my head. I may have to turn on The Wiggles or something just to cleanse my head!

So, football discussion about why there was no "WooHoo": a)this was our only Thursday night game. Probably because we have to share a stadium -- but there are two stadiums in town (but 7 high schools!) b)we were a home game, but still no pep rally. Maybe for district games?

Someone commented on Facebook that she had always suspected that football was a "small town" thing -- because big city had so many other things to do. That's a possibility, of course -- and this city, as mentioned, has too many schools for all of us to throw our allegiance behind one school, so it's less of a big deal that way.

Something else I considered as I sat there last night -- other than noticing that red face paint is a REALLY bad idea if you want it to come off before graduation -- is that this high school is only 7 years old. Everywhere else I've lived in Texas the football program has been legendary. None of these high school kids grew up with a little cheerleader uniform or football jersey or tiny football from this school because this school didn't exist until they were in elementary school. They didn't grow up looking at annuals of their parents at this high school, or go trick or treating in their parents sports uniforms.

However, I will say that the stands were relatively full last night for a Thursday night game, it was pretty fun, our little team did okay, the band did great, and a grand time was had by all.
Oh! This is a hoot! So on Facebook I put up this pic. My caption was:"Can you pick out Ashley? She's wearing black. And khaki shorts. And her clarinet (NO LIE) is held together with super glue and duct tape."
(She's 3rd from the front on the 45, FYI).

Um, yeah. We got that clarinet for free when she was going into 6th grade. She wasn't planning on playing in high school, so it was a win. She literally decided the last week of 8th grade to play in high school. Two days later, Troy lost his job. So we really weren't into clarinet shopping. And her band director at the time said, "Oh, let her keep this one for marching, anyway -- she'll drop it, etc."

Now, it's still not a great time for us to be clarinet shopping, but when your clarinet is held together with super glue and duct tape -- you've pretty much taken it as far as you can go. Grateful for the Lord's provision at the time, trusting in the Lord's provision now. C'mon, Craigslist!

Okay, I have spoken enough nothingness today. Thanks to Donna's comment yesterday for the reminder. She didn't say it as a reminder, but it was: to look for what God is doing/ teaching daily. Hmmmm... lack of football fever and a broken clarinet? God is in it! If nothing else, I am trusting that God will provide a clarinet -- and I think God would rather us have a passion for him than for football, anyway. How's that? :-) Thanks, Donna, for the reminder to look for our Father/ Creator in the little and mundane.

Until tomorrow!

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Roxanne said...

I'm just relieved that they were in shorts and t-shirts. As I was out running errands on Thurs. night then headed back to school for open house THEN leaving at 7:30 and it was STILL 96 degrees I was a bit worried about Ashley in her uniform.

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