Longing for a Risk-Taking Faith

Hey, y'all!

I don't usually ACTUALLY WRITE a post, even when I post a post on Sunday.

But here I sit. And I'm thinking some. Both dangerous.

One thing I'm thinking is what we talked about at my church this morning. We are going through the Bible chronologically this year, and all Bible classes are discussing what is being discussed in church. This morning was parts of Genesis (Chapters 12-22) that discuss God's covenant promise with Abraham, his obedience, Isaac's birth, and God's testing of Abraham through asking him to sacrifice Isaac (then stopping him short of actually doing it).

Two things that were said (in class) that I keep rolling through my brain about that:

1) God initiated relationship with Abram/ Abraham -- and continues to initiate relationship with us today. He seeks and desires relationship with us. Let's just camp out on that thought. The creator of the universe and all that is in it -- would like to have lunch with me, court me, walk with me, etc. But I'm too busy on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Hmmmmmm...

2) God asks/ requires a faith of risks (slaughter the son you waited 25 years for). We rarely live a life that allows God to move in such a huge way (delivering Isaac) because we rarely walk in places where only God will deliver. We put our God into a safe box that we can make work (a real-life example was used of a class member who agreed to go on a mission trip, but didn't know where the funding would come from. Funding came in at the last minute, and then some). It was pointed out that most of us wouldn't have agreed to go on the trip until we knew for sure that we had funding in place to the penny. Of course, as someone else pointed out -- is that stewardship, or testing God, or taking risks in faith? Only you can answer any of those questions.

I'm a big talker, -- I think taking risks sounds like a super great idea in theory --  but when it comes down to it, I won't step out in faith until the Lord breaks the branch under my feet and faith is all I have to stand on.

And the Lord has shown me... time and again... that He is enough.

Longing for a deeper faith.

Pondering, pondering...

What about you? What did God speak to you at church today?

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