A Blog A Day In September...

One of the blogs I follow is posting every day right now (and I'm fuzzy on why so don't ask for details).

I thought: I think I could post every day in September. It would get me back in the habit of checking in over here. And remind me that I don't have to tell you people my whole life story to start back up.

So, I thought of TWO things to tell you on the first day. It may lead you to believe that I have a sad little life over here if I'm considering this blog-worthy. Let's look at it that I am saving the really fascinating stuff for ... some other time.

First, I have a running partner! If you are on Facebook, this is not news to you (can y'all believe I actually have a VERY computer-savvy blog reader who is not on Facebook at all. She's awesome). My running partner is perfect for me -- she texts, not calls, to line up if we're going the next day, and she is VERY patient with me in my pace. We run as far as I can, then we run intervals for the rest of our distance. She wanted a partner more than she wanted to get in a super hard workout, and I needed someone to spur me on to do better, especially with it being 88* when we go at 5:15 a.m. OVER this heat, people!!

The second thing is about our new area. If you aren't a Texas person, or even from the South, this may not be a big deal to you, but this is something I am simply BAFFLED by -- and so are my children, honestly.

So, we move here (larger city) and are finding that everything extracurricular is far more intense: the band program is at a level we never imagined, we didn't even look at the soccer programs because it is craziness, I can't even discuss the lacrosse program (NO! I'm not kidding!), there's power lifting, volleyball, basketball, blah, blah, blah... but football? Oh... yeah... we have that, too... WHAT???!!!

Y'all -- today is the first football game at Ashley's high school. Woohoo, right? Um, no Woo. no Hoo. Not even a pep rally! Just... nothing. Not one word has been said about it. Ashley said no one... in ANY of her classes has said, "I'm so excited about the game tonight!" Are ya kiddin' me??? What are these people thinking?? It's FOOTBALL season! Don't they understand that?

Now I'm wondering if there is a pep rally for soccer games. We have entered the twilight zone...

So that's the news from the Metropolis. Check ya tomorrow with more yawn-invoking news. I think I'll go to the game tonight. Sounds like the largest population in attendance will be band parents. Stay tuned.


Scott F said...

Obviously the place is screwed up. High School football is supposed to be on FRIDAY nights! Hello -- Friday Night Lights???!

Roxanne said...

In Big Town, Texas you will find that teams have to "cast lots" to see who gets to use the Mega Stadium on Friday nights. There are also Thursday night and Saturday night games to accommodate the Mega Districts. As far as pep-rallies. We don't have them every week at our high-schools either. Only for home games I think. They aren't willing to take that much time away from curriculum--another Big Town, Texas mentality.

ChristyCate said...

Thanks for keeping me updated here, Sarah! ;-) Meant my tweet... you would love Connect. Don't have current plans to come your way (I moved too you know... limit those expenses, I must.) If you and yours head to A'lene, let me know!!!

Donna said...

Sarah, I love the idea of a blog a day in September....may have to steal, I mean BORROW, that idea myself! I struggle with keeping my blog up to date and this just might be a way to hold myself accountable. Since my blog is usually about the little things that I feel like God shows me on a daily basis, it will be a good discipline to write those down DAILY. Anyway, it's something I'd like to try (we'll see if I can do it or if God has other plans. Hmmm, guess I should pray about this first!)

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