Pics To Snag

Hey, y'all! I'm actually back again, but not for long today!

We are on our way out of town to a wedding (outdoors -URG. Bless the bride. She's been planning it almost a year. She had no way of knowing this would be the hottest summer in 30 years).

I love that our family called friends to stay with (for free) so that we can afford for our dog to stay at her $25/ night Bed and Breakfast. Sheesh. Of course, they won't let us pick her up late Sunday afternoon OR Monday, so a one night trip is costing us $75 for her. Good thing we like her.

One thing I'm going to work on while we go is my list of pics to take for the month -- an idea that I got from this site.

Sad, but true, that I have to make myself a list, but I am not naturally a picture taker ... unless I see something fascinating like this, of course:

But my family? Not so much. So this web site encouraged you to make a list of 10 pics to take per month (to give you an idea, for September it recommended "leaves changing color" and "Family in sweaters" -- neither of which will happen in this state). So I'm working on my own list of "must-have pics for September" today.

If you would like to print out your own handy list, go here. I would love to get some ideas of what you come up with! What is a must-have September picture for you?

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