I Am an Educator

I think I feel the need to define/ redefine who I am/ what I do.

I am in the middle of a job hunt and the truth is that, on paper -- I don't amount to much.

I have a few years experience teaching -- and I don't want to return to the classroom. Not that I could in the state of Texas, anyway. With budget cutbacks, etc., a teaching job is a rare find.

I have a few articles published in a local paper. I would like to write, but I have nothing "impressive" -- again, we're talking what someone looking at a resume' would see -- published. Nothing national, no books. Of course there's this rockin' blog that has a few too many weeds growing over the summer and needs attention currently.

Nor do I have a journalism or English degree. Of course, it's not too late for that, but since they don't give those away for free except for some internet sites of questionable reputations, I still need a job before I can get a degree.

I am completely at peace that I have done some amazing things in the last several years that cannot assess a monetary value. I need look no further than here or here and I don't regret a minute spent on my family or my ministry.

One thing I know I am is an educator. Again -- that doesn't mean I want to stand in a public school classroom, and God BLESS those who do since my children are public school educated. I am an educator and love to share what I know with others of all ages, whether it's God's word with other believers (or non-believers, for that matter) or how to swim with the little guys. I love to see the light come on and help someone know or understand something they previously didn't.

I value education highly. When my older child started kinder I decided that the best philosophy for choosing how to educate your child (public/ private/ homeschool) is: prayerfully, carefully, and be willing to admit at a moment's notice that you are wrong.

For a variety of reasons, we went with public school and are still there.

Again, I think the WORLD of public school teachers. They have an amazingly difficult job. But I know that my kid is "a student" to them. To me, my child is my child. Don't get me wrong -- my children have had teachers that have loved them dearly and we have loved in return. But no one is going know what my kids know, what their passions and gifts are, or where they are struggling like I will.

No doubt, my kids spend too much time in front of screens now and our recent life upheaval has made me much too relaxed about limiting such. But even with that, it hasn't taken away the hundreds of books we have read in the past, coupled with both of their intense curiosity and hunger to know more.

And I am still an educator, leading them when they start down a path they are interested in. We explore and find out more and turn over the leaves and pluck up the rocks to see what's underneath. In that regard, all parents are homeschool teachers.So, my resume' is a mess, or as someone kindly put it, "eclectic." Yes. Eclectic. But I have been gifted two gorgeous healthy bodied and minded children who I'm tempted to become 12 levels of proud about. 'Lest I do, the Lord reminds me that they are a gift from Him -- just like He gifted me as an educator to gently lead them. I cannot put a price tag or income on these guys. Aren't they the awesomest?

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