Looking Back

So glad you are here! Welcome to the continuation of the party for my 1,000th post!

Help yourself to some cake, pour some Diet Coke, coffee, or the beverage of your choice, and we'll stroll down memory lane just a little.

First, I want to mention that I never intended this blog to be as 'public' as it has become. I only wanted a place to house my own personal writing. But soon I just needed to vent, or tell about something funny that happened at my house, and that is what people responded to.

So I continued to chat and share my life with you here and you continued to come around and visit with me.

You have been down several roads with me. You were here when I started a teaching job, and when I left it to try out this writing business.

You have grieved and remembered my Poppa Max with me, and laughed and enjoyed my kids with me.

You have celebrated big doin's with me, and been there to keep me going when I was grouchy.

And last week, you gave me great thoughts about going back to middle school (shudder).

All this week I will be saying thank you. I usually only say the words "Thank you" -- because words are the best way I know how. But I have a few little token 'thank you's' just to say,
"Really! Thank you for still stopping by!" Give-aways all this week.

Today's give-away will include two books, one a little more 'fluffy' than the other, and a magnetic list pad because I simply love those things, don't you? If not, maybe you will learn to love them?

To enter today's give-away, leave a comment telling me about a middle school experience you would rather forget. My kids asked "your most embarassing middle school moment" -- if you are ready to re-live that on the world wide web, knock yourself out. I will simply phrase it, 'a time in middle school you would rather forget' since there are SO many of those.

I will kick off but I have to confess that I have successfully blocked much of middle school out. Partly because I went to school at the same school 1st-12th grade, and we moved to the same building at 4th grade, so many of the memories have merged. I do remember being in 7th grade and having a crush on a tall, lanky senior and I'm sure I acted like a total doof around him at all times. Not that that sort of behavior is rare for a middle school girl.

So, what about you, can you be more specific than me? What do you remember as awful about middle school? Any particular bad experience? PE comes to mind for me...


Roxanne said...

Well, you lived most of my embarassing Jr. High moments with me. I remember getting kicked out of class a lot for talking. . .or painting my nails. So I'd have to say that the times I'd rather forget are when I got "removed" for chatter and my mother happened to walk down the hallway at the time and saw me standing there. Not. Fun.

Antique Mommy said...

Wow, you've been busy. I've been blogging for 4.5 years and I don't think I've hit 1000 yet. Congrats!

Doug Young said...

I'm discovering you late in the game, but I'm glad you posted this as a means of getting somewhat caught up. I'd loved what you'd expressed.

Kerry said...

My most memorable experience in middle school is one my extended family will NOT let me forget! It comes up in a conversation about every two weeks, it seems! I had a crush on a boy. He was a "friend" and we hung out with the same group of friends. I was in love and imagined he was, too. The day I found out that he was "going steady" with another girl, I locked myself in my bedroom FOR 3 DAYS, and played Nillson's (Can't Live If Living Is) "Without You", 24/7! HE WASN'T EVEN MY BOYFRIEND!!!!

Donna Ware said...

Okay, here goes.
I was selected to read a John F. Kennedy speech at my junior high. I read the whole thing not realizing that I was not close enough to the Microphone. The students did not hear a word I was saying. Throughout the speech kids were yelling at me "we can't hear you." I was so nervous, I never heard them, just kept rambling on with no one listening. Got ribbed about that one for a long time

ste-pha-nie said...

Tip-o-the-hat on #1000!

Hm. Middle school. I know this is going to sound odd, but I sort of liked middle school. I was the new girl, having just moved to Aurora, Colorado, and didn't know anyone. The school was open class room, and from the outside it sort of looked like a space ship. The library was in the middle and there where sky lights. I loved my math teacher, he taught us in a soft whisper of a voice, so we HAD TO be quiet, if we were to hear him. I remember talking my mom into buying my first pair of Levi's 501 jeans. I broke my left pinky finger trying to catch a softball. We went to a fellowship church. I lost a blue star sapphire ring mom gave me for my birthday. I walked over 13 miles in a "Walk for MDA" walk, wearing black canvas mary janes. (Remember those mary janes?) I wanted to be a journalist.

Donna said...

I was on the yearbook staff and we were supposed to be having a "treat"day for finishing our deadline early. However, our sponsor was out sick and told us to go ahead and order the pizza and she would have another teacher pay for it. When the pizza came, it caused a stir and we (4 girls) were told the principal wanted to see us. He was on lunch duty walking in the cafeteria. I marched in to see what he needed, not realizing that no one else was behind me. He was asking me what happened that we thought we could just order pizza, etc. It was loud so we had to raise our voices to hear each other. However, that moment became the day that Donna had a screaming match with Mr Reed at lunch. (no, this was not OCS.) We did not get in trouble and we did enjoy our pizza! : )

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