Book Review: The Edge of Winter

Last weekend I drove by myself to Louisiana, remember? You may remember that I thought the drive was SO!! BORING!!!!!!!
So I stopped at a Cracker Barrel. You may recall that I am not a particular fan of Cracker Barrel, but they do have a cool little deal: you can rent books on CD for $3.49/ week and return them to any Cracker Barrel. (you actually purchase the book first, then are credited the balance whenever you return it -- po-tay-to, po-tah-to).
Here is the book I chose:

The Edge of Winter by Luann Rice was a good book. I definitely give it a thumbs up all the way around. It deals with many 'politically correct' topics in a sensitive, non-preachy way. The characters are endearing, except for the villains, who aren't supposed to be. Unfortunately, the villains are a little too true-to-life, using the 'f-bomb' for authenticity, otherwise it would also be an excellent young adult book as any other topic is handled quite well. There are many true to life situations: an alcholic father who rarely shows up where he says he will, the memory of a young man killed in Iraq, bullies in high school, teen drinking, etc. All handled well and realistically, I think.
I encourage you to give it a read or listen!

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