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Ponder this:

My mood tends to absorb the gray weather. I try desperately not to unleash it on those around me, but the gray seeps into me. We have had a week of gray here, with flashes of light to taunt us that there is a sun somewhere.

Driving with Riley in oppressive humidity, under a gray sky, he said, quite honestly, "I just love this weather, don't you?" The need to drive prevented me from staring at him as long as I needed to.

"See?" he continued, "we're under a gray sky, but if we just keep going, we'll be in the light soon. I love weather with a moral to it."

Indeed, the gray was soon running out and this barren desert that I live in revealed that in the direction we were headed the sun was shining. In my gray mood, all I felt like was that the gray cloud was following me, but Riley knew we were headed into the light.

Just put one foot in front of the other, the gray eventually runs out, and there's the sun. Walking in the light, as he is in the light... 1 John 1:7

I'm crazy about that kid...


Stephanie said...

I love your thoughts, and how Riley viewed the grey as temporary. Indeed. I kinda don't mind overcast days - but after a week, I think I'm also ready for some contrasting shadows, which a bright sun generously supplies :)

Janice Garrison said...

I am amazed how the weather can affect my mood. Days of no sunshine can be a battle at times. I always try to tell myself I can “choose my attitude” but honestly, grey days make the choosing more difficult. We started walking again in July and that helps tremendously. (Plus I have lost 16 pounds) yeah!!

The weather also bothers my joints at times and when the barometric pressure is high I can always tell. I feel like I have a weight on me. My husband is amazed sometimes by the way the weather affects me. I can’t explain it, but it is pretty weird.

Love your son’s way of thinking too! :)

dad said...

Great lesson. If that's not the most profound statement ever by an 11-year old, I'd like to hear what is.

Roxanne said...

"I love weather with a moral to it."

Excellent thought. Excellent post.

As I sit here grinning like an idiot over Riley's wonderful, wise, humorous statement, I am amazed at how little I know him because of this distance. But I love him just the same and am so proud of him.

And, yes, the gray oppressive humidity of this week just about did us in around here. It's still very gray today, but cooler and crisp. There is no light yet, but there is relief. :)

Doug Young said...

Wonderful thought!

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